Summer vacation is a needed respite during the hottest months of the year, and a chance to relax and unwind from the rigors of life. For many, this relaxation is intimately tied to alcohol — they simply can’t imagine what it’s like to enjoy a vacation without a cold beer or icy cocktail in hand.

However, alcohol will only distract you from enjoying your time away from work. By following these tips for maintaining sobriety on vacation, you’ll get to enjoy everything that vacation has to offer and retain clear, guilt-free memories of the experience as well.

Get Out And See The Sights

Traveling is all about seeing something new. Once you’ve had your fill of lounging about on the beach, get up and go see what your area has to offer. There might be a farmer’s market where you can pick up some local specialties or shops full of interesting trinkets to browse through. Or if you’re in the mood for adventure, challenging activities like windsurfing and water skiing absolutely require that you be sober in the first place and are a great chance to meet other healthy people.

Spend Time With Other Sober Vacationers

People who aren’t abstaining can often make it harder on those of us who are, even unintentionally. They may want to spend time cooped up in a bar rather than outside enjoying the summer. Avoid this by bringing a sober friend or two along. Not only is it great to have company when exploring, but you can support and encourage each other in staying alcohol-free.

Stay Hydrated With Refreshing, Tasty Mocktails

The fun part of being sober is how much it opens up the world of non-alcoholic drinks. Leaving the obscuring taste of alcohol out of the equation means that mocktails can provide a wild variety of delicious flavors that will cool you down and keep you hydrated. If you’re in a particularly exotic area of the world, you may have a whole range of unfamiliar fruit juices available to intrigue your taste buds.

Be Honest With Yourself and Others

Whether you’re just beginning your journey into sobriety or a longtime abstainer, there are times when the sight of other revelers make you question your resolve. You’re not alone, especially if you’re traveling with other sober folks. It’s helpful to talk with each other about the thoughts that come to mind and the emotions you experience. You’ll find yourself with a renewed understanding of the personal meaning you find in your commitment to sobriety.

You’ve fought hard for your sobriety. Maintaining it during after-work parties and nights out on the town might come as second nature at this point, but summer vacation can prove to hold new challenges for the sober. If you’ve enjoyed these tips and find yourself interested in learning more about the hows and whys of staying dry, don’t hesitate to contact us today!