West Palm Beach, Florida

Rock Recovery Center

At Rock Recovery Center, we provide a life-changing process with a side of adventure to help our clients learn about themselves and nature. Our South Florida rehab center program is designed to incorporate all aspects of treatment, while giving clients the chance to engage in activities that are positive, productive, and fun.

We understand that there isn’t a single “cure-all” form of therapy that works on every problem, for every person. Treatment plans need to be customized to each client’s needs. Through our constant efforts to improve our facility, we continue to provide comprehensive, effective, and exhilarating recovery programs.

Here For You

Our Team is Your Team

Our clinical staff functions as a unified, focused team, creating a warm and energetic atmosphere. All the therapeutic groups offered in our traditional program are led by experienced and qualified professionals, offering many group topics.

Our addiction therapists are Master’s Level Certified Addiction Professionals (MCAP), and many of them understand firsthand what is involved in living with, and overcoming, the disease of addiction.

  • Group Therapy

Focused on Your Recovery

Designed to Build a Foundation for Recovery

We realize that environment is an important factor in an individual’s recovery from addiction at a rehab center in Florida. We have focused on building Therapist Offices, Group Rooms and areas for relaxation that are all conducive to progress and productivity.

The process of helping our patients through their recovery from addiction is something that we take great pride in, as we’ve assisted countless individuals with taking their lives back and breaking themselves free from the chains of addiction.

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Quality Care

Our Treatment Programs

We developed our programs and approach rehab treatment in a unique way that not many addiction clinics have ever considered. One of the reasons for this is because we put you first, not the profit of addiction therapy.


Our Traditional Rehab Program includes addiction education, relapse prevention, life skills training, and more.