adventure therapy for addiction

Those who struggle with any type of chemical dependency to alcohol or drugs can lose themselves. Most people begin their drinking or using career in their teens or 20s, and when addiction sets in, drugs and alcohol become their whole life.

The disease of addiction affects a part of the brain that makes people designate drinking or using as their top priority, so many addicts push aside their hobbies, hopes, dreams and passions in order to drink or use. When addicts decide that they want to get sober, adventure therapy can help with addiction in ways that they never knew was possible.

The Benefits of Finding Help for Addiction

Thousands of people each year are dying in the state of Florida due to alcohol- and drug-related causes. The primary drugs of choice in Florida include prescription medications like benzodiazepines and opiates, and the other primary substances of abuse in Florida include meth,and alcohol.

These substances release a flow of dopamine in the brain, and those who are addicts have a much different experience with this than the average person. The feeling addicts get is euphoria, so their brains rearrange priorities so they will believe that drinking or using is the best thing they can do. Through help with addiction, addicts discover that alcohol and drugs have been holding them back from what really matters.

How Adventure Therapy can Help with Addictionadventure therapy for addiction

When individuals get clean and sober at Rock Recovery Center, they now have the opportunity to have experiences and emotions that they’ve been neglecting for months or even years. As the mind begins to heal when people first get help with addiction, they will feel different emotions of happiness, joy and hope. Through treatment, the mind begins to adjust chemicals so people can experience pleasure when they’re not drinking or using, and this is something many addicts don’t experience while in active addiction.

At Rock Recovery Center, addicts participate in adventure therapy where they go on different excursions to experience the world in ways they never have before. By going on nature walks or out to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, they begin to see the true beauty of this world as well as life in general.

Rock Recovery Center’s main goal is to show recovering addicts that their life is now filled with opportunity now that drugs or alcohol can’t hold them back, and it’s an incredible experience. Give us a call today at 844-3-THEROCK if you or a loved one needs help with addiction.