who offers alcohol rehab center in south florida?

Alcohol is considered to be one of the most abused substances in America. About 86 million Americans are believed to be alcohol abusers and around 23 million of them are believed to be alcoholics. What’s sad about these figures, is that only 11% of alcoholics are seeking treatment at an alcohol rehab center in South Florida. But recognizing that you have a drinking problem early on can help stop it from turning into an addiction. To help you identify that you have a drinking problem, here are the signs you should look out for:

You Hide or Deny Your Drinking

Lying about your drinking is an alarming sign that you may have a drinking problem. Both problem drinkers and alcoholics lie about the frequency and amount of alcohol they’re drinking just to make it seem like there’s nothing to worry about.

Drinking to Feel Better or Escape Reality

Whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses, drinking to alleviate the pain and discomfort you feel is only a temporary solution. Once the effect of the alcohol wears off, you’re still faced with the same problems. If you feel like you need alcohol to relax or feel better, this is a sign that you’re using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

Being Unable to Stop

If you can’t stop drinking at one glass, it means that you have no control over your drinking and that you have a drinking problem. It’s best to not stock up on alcoholic drinks in your pantry to avoid drinking them all up in one sitting.

You Start Neglecting Your Responsibilities

You start skipping work or school or you start forgetting to make timely payments. This can all add up and mess your day-to-day functioning and send your life to a downward spiral. If this is already happening, it’s high time you enter an alcohol rehab center in South Florida.

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