How to reach an Alcohol Rehab Center in South Florida?

You may believe that alcohol is the main culprit behind alcoholism, but it’s more complex than that. Alcohol alone isn’t the reason why so many individuals have developed an addiction, and have entered an alcohol rehab center in South Florida.

With so many misconceptions about alcoholism, it’s difficult to differentiate the facts from the myths. Learning the facts will not only help debunk those myths, but can also help us understand alcoholics better. Here are four misconceptions about alcoholism:

You’re only an alcoholic if you look like one 

Studies show that young adults make up the largest percentage of alcoholics in the country, and almost 20% of alcoholics are well-educated, economically successful in society, and have consistent incomes. You can be well-dressed and highly functional, yet still suffer from alcoholism.

The reason why you’re an alcoholic is because of alcohol 

Alcohol alone isn’t the reason why individuals become alcoholics. There are other risk factors as well, like genetic predisposition, psychological and emotional makeup, age, gender, frequency of drinking, peer pressure, and more.

Alcoholics are hopeless cases

This is simply not true. Alcoholics can live a sober and productive life, once they get the help they need from substance abuse rehabilitation. Although it may not happen overnight, through the combined efforts of programs, therapies, and treatments, you’ll be able to overcome alcoholism.

If alcoholics had the will power to stop, they’d no longer be an alcoholic

Alcoholism is a disease that needs to be treated. No sick individual has ever recovered by simply saying that they will stop being sick. But having the will power to go through the process of recovery paired with programs and treatments can help you succeed.

Where to find an Alcohol Rehab Center in South Florida?

Looking for an alcohol rehab center in South Florida?

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