Adventure therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is proven to be highly effective. It’s goal is to build confidence and independence through physically and emotionally challenging exercises that include some risk. “Adventure” can sound a little intimidating, but therapy can range from extreme outdoor activities to relaxed nature outings. Adventure therapy is designed to take you out of your element and show you a great alternative to drugs and alcohol.

What is Adventure Therapy?

Originating in the 1960s, adventure therapy is a combination of nature, community, and exciting outdoor exercises. Adventure therapy programs are not traditional, which makes people hesitant to try them. But if you don’t want a strictly traditional treatment setting with only groups and one-on-one meetings, adventure therapy might be perfect for you. Its method is beneficial because it takes you out a small room with other victims of addiction and into a big, exciting world with challenges to overcome.

Adventure therapy is meant to take you out of your comfort zone. Challenging yourself with outdoor activities can help you discover a tough, resilient part of you.  This new discovery can help you overcome difficult emotions, anxiety, and insecurity. Therefore, the desire to use drugs and alcohol because of negative emotions is diminished during outdoor activities. 

3 Benefits of Adventure Therapy:

Find new hobbies and interests

You might not only discover new activities you love, but the ones you will continue after rehab is over. Many find their new outdoor passions a prevention for relapse. The rush and adrenaline of zip-lining or rock climbing can replace drug or alcohol dependence. Or the peace of a nature walk or canoe trip can bring peace to a restless mind. Trying new outdoor activities can also become a hobby that many stick to well after completing an adventure therapy program. 

Be in the moment

One of the goals of adventure therapy is an intention-focused practice that allows a central focus in the moment. This is an alternative to damaging or stressful thought that might have led to past drug and alcohol abuse. Connecting to a deeper part of yourself through nature can help you refocus. There is no denying the power and peace found in experiencing the beauty of nature. 

Grow your confidence

Experiencing activities that challenge you is a goal of adventure therapy. Many who try adventure therapy report a feeling of increased competence and self-esteem. Studies have shown that adventure therapy has a positive outcome in treating anxieties and insecurities. You might think you can’t do some of the activities at first. But once you experience and conquer them, your confidence will grow. Many report this feeling helps them overcome addiction and dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Next Steps

A common misconception is that adventure is just for those entering rehab for the first time. It’s not just for young people either. Adventure therapy is for everybody. If you’ve tried other treatment programs before and didn’t have success, adventure therapy might be for you. 

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