partial hospitalization program php benefits

Whether you’re recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, one of the treatment options available will be partial hospitalization. This type of program is somewhere between ordinary outpatient care and residential care. It creates daily structure for patients, who will need to adhere to a schedule for recovery that includes several activities like counseling, fitness classes, meals and group sessions in a reputable rehab center. It’s time to discover some of the biggest benefits of partial hospitalization program rehab.

The Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Are Many During Recovery

The Benefits of partial hospitalization program rehab include the fact that it can be applicable at multiple stages along the road to recovery. Some patients who don’t have a severe addiction may find that it’s the perfect alternative to residential therapy. Others may find it’s very useful as a transition period after a lengthy inpatient stay, because it creates a sense of accountability and structure while still offering plenty of independence.

Gives Patients the Option to Live at Home

When many people imagine rehab, it’s residential therapy that comes to mind. While these programs absolutely have their place, they aren’t necessarily the right choice for everyone. One of the many benefits of partial hospitalization program rehab is that patients can still live at home.

For a number of reasons, not all patients want to stay full time at a rehab center. They may be married, and want the support and companionship of their spouse during a difficult time. They may also have children or even elderly parents at home who rely on them on a regular basis, and PHP options accommodate this wonderfully.

Training for Independent Living and Real-World Scenarios

Partial hospitalization programs are an excellent way for those who struggle with addiction to learn real-world advice that can help them on a daily basis. The reality is that patients, even those who attend inpatient therapy, won’t have 24/7 support for the rest of their lives. PHP can offer resources and coping strategies to manage cravings, temptations and the desire to relapse.

Allows for the Possibility of School or Work

The schedule for partial hospital programs will vary between rehab centers. Some maintain typical office hours, so the daily schedule essentially replaces a work day. However, others have evening hours, which could work well for those with jobs, school or even children to care for during the day.

Benefits of partial hospitalization program rehab are countless, and the program can work well for those who need structure and accountability as well as freedom and independent living. Call (888) 322-7389 to learn about the fitness and adventure therapy, counseling, various treatment methods and PHP opportunities at Rock Recovery in West Palm Beach, Florida.