How Addicts Hide Their Addiction

How your loved one may be hiding their addiction from you might surprise you Anyone who has a close friend, loved one, or relative that has a drug addiction can agree that addicts will go to great lengths to hide their addiction. This is an all too familiar pattern of [...]

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Understanding Ecstasy Drug Addiction

Understanding ecstasy drug addiction, it's warning signs, and how to best seek treatment, can be confusing at first. This article should shed some light on these things and more... Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) might have a long and scientific name, but people who use the drug don't care about that. They just [...]

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Alcosynth – Potential Life Saver or Dangerous Alternative

Alcohol abuse remains one of the leading causes of death and disease throughout the world. While the number of people drinking is slowly on the decline, massive amounts are still spent in aiding those who have fallen foul of the drug. So what can be done? The money is clearly [...]

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5 Risks of Using Alcohol to Relieve Anxiety

The occasional glass of wine or a pint down the pub is a common form of relief after a stressful days' work. However, using alcohol to reduce anxiety over a prolonged period can be risky and lead to some seriously negative consequences. Here are the five risks of using alcohol [...]

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6 Sober-Living Activities That Foster Your Recovery Journey

You can enhance your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction by participating in sober-living activities. Each person will experience the journey differently and must find means for sustaining theirs in a manner that suits their lifestyle. Keep the following experiences in mind as you work to maintain your sobriety and [...]

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6 Natural Alternatives for Opioid Drugs

Nothing will compel you to visit your doctor faster than the presence of pain. Unfortunately, due to the opioid epidemic and the subsequent scheduling of opioids, your doctor can do very little for your pain. He or she will most likely refer you to a pain management clinic of some [...]

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The Basics of Opiate Overdose and Cardiac Arrest

Opiates are the main drug used to treat acute and chronic pain.  The opiate sister drugs, opioids, are synthetic drugs that mimic opiates in pain relief. Both of these drugs attach to pain receptors in the brain, which bring the numb, sleepy, and euphoric feeling from its use. The dangerous [...]

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How Recreational Drugs Harm Your Teeth

Most people already know that street drugs are harmful to overall health. They alter brain chemistry, weaken the heart and damage the liver, among other serious health consequences. An often-overlooked side effect of drug use is damage to oral health. Illegal drug use can cause a host of issues in [...]

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