18 09, 2023

Animal Tranquilizer Xylazine and Fentanyl: The Lethal Mix Gaining Ground on the Streets

By |2023-09-27T02:56:45+00:00September 18, 2023|Opioids|0 Comments

The combination of the animal tranquilizer xylazine and the potent synthetic opioid fentanyl has been in high demand in illicit drug supplies on the streets. When mixed, fentanyl and xylazine amplify the effects of one another, increasing the chances of overdose and death. The Rising Concern of Xylazine and Fentanyl [...]

11 09, 2023

Rock Recovery Center: Pioneering Veteran and First Responders Support and Recovery

By |2023-09-15T18:34:48+00:00September 11, 2023|First Responders, Rehab Treatment, Veterans|0 Comments

Rock Recovery Center offers drug and alcohol rehab treatment for veterans and first responders seeking addiction recovery. Our drug rehab programs take a holistic approach to healing with personalized treatment plans, holistic therapies, and extensive aftercare support. A safe and confidential environment is crucial for veterans and first responders in [...]

4 09, 2023

West Palm Beach’s Rock Recovery Center: Transforming Lives with Proven Drug and Alcohol Programs

By |2023-09-07T16:49:21+00:00September 4, 2023|Addiction, Drug Rehab, Rehab Treatment|0 Comments

For many, addiction is a chronic struggle that disrupts every aspect of their lives. The destructive cycle of substance abuse not only has physical consequences but also affects the individual's mental, emotional, and social well-being. At Rock Recovery Center, our drug and alcohol rehab programs are a beacon of hope [...]

21 08, 2023

Alcoholism – Do Drunk People Really Speak Their True Thoughts?

By |2023-07-31T21:20:17+00:00August 21, 2023|Alcohol Addiction, Alcoholism|0 Comments

The notion that "drunk words are sober thoughts" suggests that what someone says when they're under alcohol is what they genuinely think when they're sober. When someone is drunk, their thoughts and speech can be influenced by the effects of alcohol, which may lead to impulsive or uninhibited behavior. While [...]

14 08, 2023

The Critical Role of Drug Rehab Centers in Assisting Veterans with Gulf War Illness

By |2023-09-05T18:13:53+00:00August 14, 2023|Rehab Treatment, Veterans|0 Comments

Veterans with Gulf War Illness (GWI), also known as Gulf War Syndrome or Chronic Multisymptom Illness (CMI), experience symptoms due to the Gulf War of 1990-1991. The cause of Gulf War Illness (GWI) is not entirely understood, but it is believed to result from a combination of genetic, environmental, and [...]

7 08, 2023

How Insomnia Amplifies Mental Health Issues in First Responders

By |2023-08-02T20:02:32+00:00August 7, 2023|First Responders, Mental Health|0 Comments

Sleep is essential for maintaining good health and optimal functioning, especially for first responders. First responders, such as firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and police officers, are constantly exposed to traumatic, high-stress situations and irregular work schedules. An emergency responder's unpredictable schedule and day-to-day can disturb standard sleep patterns [...]

31 07, 2023

The Vital Role of Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Supporting Female Veterans

By |2023-07-26T23:22:04+00:00July 31, 2023|Rehab Treatment, Veterans|0 Comments

The traumatic experiences and unique challenges women face in the military contribute to the high frequency of mental health disorders in female veterans. Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military sexual trauma (MST), and transitioning back to civilian life, female veterans face a heightened risk for drug and alcohol abuse. [...]

24 07, 2023

The Experience of Survivor’s Guilt Among Military Personnel

By |2023-07-24T21:26:09+00:00July 24, 2023|Active Military Members, Mental Health|0 Comments

Encountering traumatizing military situations is common for active military service members. While disturbing experiences as an army soldier are expected, it doesn't make dealing with the effects of trauma any easier. Surviving life-threatening situations while losing comrades in combat can cause deep-rooted psychological wounds, a term known as survivor's guilt. [...]

17 07, 2023

How Drug Rehab Centers Can Help Veterans Manage Unexpected Daytime Fear

By |2023-07-21T19:42:19+00:00July 17, 2023|Drug Rehab, Mental Health, Veterans|0 Comments

Unexpected daytime fears result from traumatic experiences and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans and military service members. Veterans struggling with PTSD can experience individual daytime fears, although specific situations, things, and places can trigger a veteran. Drug and alcohol rehab centers that cater to veterans with PTSD offer trauma-informed [...]

10 07, 2023

Why is there a High Incidence of PTSD in Women Veterans?

By |2023-07-13T23:26:12+00:00July 10, 2023|Mental Health, Veterans|0 Comments

Military women are exposed to the same traumatic experiences as male soldiers, including combat situations, violence, and loss of comrades. The effects of combat exposure increase veterans' risk of psychological distress (stress, depression, and anxiety), trauma, mood disorders, and PTSD. The high frequency of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women [...]

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