People drink to relax, relieve stress, reduce feelings of sadness, and to socialize with others. In moderation, drinking alcohol is okay, but when consumed frequently in high volumes, and combined with stress, it turns into a real health risk that could affect your body’s ability to fight diseases. Your casual drinking may even turn into an addiction and require entering an alcohol rehab center in Florida to fix it. During this pandemic, it’s crucial to stay healthy to reduce your risk of infection. In this article, we will discuss how alcohol can affect your immune system.

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How Does Alcohol Affect My Immune System? 

It Can Make You Vulnerable to Pneumonia and other Pulmonary Diseases

Drinking alcohol increases your risk of developing pneumonia and other pulmonary diseases. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, you want to be as healthy as possible to increase your body’s ability to fight infections. You can’t afford to have weak lungs because that means, if you contract the coronavirus, the journey to recovery will be difficult. Alcohol can impair your ciliary function in the upper airways and the purpose of immune cells. This impairment can lead to lung damage and other severe lung diseases.   

It Can Impair Your Body’s Ability to Recover From an Infection 

Alcohol can spike up your endocrine stress responses. When this happens, your body’s ability to produce blood clots is reduced, preventing you from healing completely. During this time of the pandemic, having a sound mind and healthy body is key to surviving.

Alcohol Can Get You Hooked and Compromise Your Ability to Think Rationally 

Alcohol not only compromises your immune system, but it also affects your ability to reason and act responsibly. Under the influence, you’re more likely to disobey social distancing protocols, putting your life at risk and others. If your drinking has gotten out of control, seek help from an alcohol rehab center in Florida.

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Are You Looking for an Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida?

Seek help from an alcohol rehab center in Florida to help you overcome your addiction and get through one of the most challenging times in your life. At Rock Recovery Center, we will help you overcome your alcohol addiction! Contact us for inquires!