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5 Risks of Using Alcohol to Relieve Anxiety

The occasional glass of wine or a pint down the pub is a common form of relief after a stressful days' work. However, using alcohol to reduce anxiety over a prolonged period can be risky and lead to some seriously negative consequences. Here are the five risks of using alcohol [...]

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Alcohol Abuse and Delusional Thinking

There is a close connection between the use of alcohol and the development of mental illnesses that cause delusions, even of a temporary nature. But it is also the case that those who are prone to these mental diseases are also those prone to abuse alcohol, hence exacerbating their symptoms, [...]

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The Benefits and Limitations of Online Support Groups for Alcoholics

Support groups may give you the help you need to recover from alcoholism. They allow you to learn and draw strength from people who have experienced similar problems. Thanks to the internet, you can benefit from support groups without having to attend face-to-face meetings.  There are different types of [...]

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Tips for Dating When You Want to Be Alcohol-Free

More and more people are choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle. According to the UK's Office for National Statistics, more than a quarter of British 16- to 24-year-olds say that they don't drink alcohol at all. But for some people staying away from alcohol is an absolute necessity. If you're a recovering [...]

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Why We Shouldn’t Trivialize Alcohol Abuse

Approximately 88,000 Americans die every year as a result of alcohol-related conditions, far outnumbering other drugs such as heroin, cocaine and prescription drug overdoses. These figures are sometimes brushed off as inconclusive, as other drugs are perceived as more dangerous. Why is alcohol misuse still not taken seriously enough? Moderation [...]

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Alcoholism – A Deadly Addiction

Alcoholism is an addiction. When a person's life is interrupted by alcohol consumption and the resulting compulsive behavior and mental disorders that accompany it require alcoholism treatment to break the dependency and start the road to recovery. Alcoholism treatment begins when the alcoholic is able to overcome denial and have [...]

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The 3 Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal

Although the number of people who consume alcohol is steadily declining, alcohol abuse remains a serious problem throughout the world. Alcoholism is a disease that affects the sufferers in many different ways. Likewise, when sufferers abstain from alcohol to attempt recovery, the effects on their body is also varied. However, [...]

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How to Quit Drinking Alcohol When Your Friends Drink

People develop a habit of drinking alcohol in various ways. For some, wine and spirits are part of their upbringing. Special occasions or formal dinners are marked with a toast or a perfectly paired wine while an after-dinner drink may be a standing offering. Others find their first exposure to [...]

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Alcohol, Women and Its Impact on Their Health

There is every reason why alcohol, women and its impact on their health should be discussed. Research has demonstrated for decades that women's bodies respond differently to alcohol than men's, and, for the average woman, the results are negative. Alcohol is processed differently in men and women’s bodies. In women, the [...]

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Alcohol Consumption, Mood Regulation, and Behavior

Years of research has long associated alcohol consumption with people’s attempts to regulate their mood, both positively and negatively. Often it is used to enhance positive emotions as a means of coping with a negative feeling. However, in many instances, it has a direct correlation with aggressive behavior. In repeated [...]

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