Drug Rehab Centers in Florida | Signs That Its Time to Go to Rehab

When you’re trying to deal with substance abuse, the first step to recovery is participating in a proven treatment process for permanently overcoming addiction. There are various drug rehab centers in Florida that offer various treatment programs that are tailored to cater to the different needs of every individual battling [...]

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Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida | Main Types of Alcohol Problems

Alcohol is a legal substance often abused by many. Around 138.3 million Americans drink alcohol and about 17.3 million of them are reported to have heavy alcohol use. Too much alcohol does not only alter your behavior, but it can also lead to serious health problems, incurable diseases, and even [...]

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Recovery Center Florida | The Stages of Addiction Recovery

Addiction is an insidious disease influenced by many factors. Despite sharing certain similarities, every addict is a unique case. No two people follow the same path to recovery, which is why there are various treatment programs available in recovery center Florida. But even with so many different factors and influences, [...]

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Rehab Center in Florida | Why Going to Rehab is Beneficial for You

When substance abuse starts to negatively impact your life and the lives of the people around you, it’s time to seek help. There’s a way to be free from addiction, and getting professional help from a rehab center in Florida is a great way to start. Not only can this [...]

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Can there be a Cure for Addiction? 4 Reasons It’s Not That Simple

We live in a society of quick fixes. Historically, people have always sought the miracle cure, but often found it to be more complicated than previously thought. We do have new and useful solutions like the so-called “cocaine vaccine” for overdose, but the roots of addiction go deeper than just [...]

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Avoiding Stress in Recovery

Stress can be a major contributing factor to drug and alcohol abuse. Family problems, financial troubles, and life in general generate daily stress. It seems the more stress you're under, the more you want to escape. Stress can either push one deeper into and addiction, or be a motivator to [...]

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Methadone vs. Suboxone

Opiate addiction has claimed the lives of millions of people for centuries. For a long time, there were no medical treatments for addiction to drugs like morphine or heroin. Science, however, has caught up to the problem and has given us medical solutions to addiction. The two most widely used [...]

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4 Dangerous Thought Patterns That Cause Addict Manipulation

Addiction can create a tangled web of behaviors and actions that are harmful to everyone involved. Those closest to addiction often experience behaviors like compulsive lying and manipulation that are very damaging to relationships. They also see the addicted person exhibit: Denial - Failing to admit that that there is [...]

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3 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Sober

With St. Patrick’s Day ahead of us this weekend, it’s time to celebrate all things Irish! But for those in recovery, this boozy holiday can mean trouble. Most holidays are a time for celebration and cheer and while alcohol is usually present, it’s not the key ingredient for getting in [...]

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Consequences of Sex Addiction

With recent stories about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s being charged with first-degree solicitation, so many questions are raised. How could a man with such a reputation, such an incredible net worth and such a winning legacy do such a thing? Kraft’s charges include solicitation for sex acts at [...]

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