Sober Living in West Palm Beach | Staying Sober This Holiday Season

The holiday time can be a stressful time of year. It can also be a fun time of year with parties, dinners, and other social gatherings. For someone who is battling addiction and trying to stay sober, both situations can become difficult. Here are a few helpful tips for sober [...]

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It is difficult to know which came first for individuals struggling with drug addiction and mental illness. Drug abusers can experience symptoms of mental illness, such as psychosis, panic, depression, mania, and mood fluctuations. Seeking relief from mental illness symptoms can also lead to drug abuse. Both mental illness and [...]

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Florida Drug Rehab: President Trump Declares Emergency on Drugs

The first nation wide public health emergency since the H1N1 influenza virus in 2009 was declared by the United States Secretary of Health, a few weeks ago, over the battle against drug use. This will be effective for 90 days, but may be renewed by the President as often as [...]

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You may have recently completed an Intensive Outpatient Treatment program (IOP) or Medical Detox for your addiction, and you’re not sure about going back to your daily life with out any therapy yet. OutPatient Treatment (OP) at Rock Recovery Center fills the gap between abundant therapy sessions and none at [...]

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West Palm Beach Drug Rehab: Marijuana Use Is UP

Marijuana is currently the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. 78 million Americans have admitted using the drug during their lifetime, while 55 million have used with in the last month, more than active tobacco users who claim 36 million users. Millennials have increasingly become the largest [...]

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Drug History Repeats

The first drug abuse crisis in America innocently surfaced during the Civil War. Hospitals gave injured soldiers unlimited amounts of morphine for their pain. Unaware of the possibility of addiction, opioids were even sold over the counter for sleep, pain, and grief. The country was mourning the loss of thousands [...]

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Is Addiction a Disease?

For centuries, many people, including scientists and scholars, have believed addiction to be an issue of moral shortcomings. Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1940’s was the first to use the term disease when describing an alcoholic’s condition. “a chronic, often, relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite [...]

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Alcoholism and Sobriety: 5 Myths and Facts

The first thing that people think when they hear that I'm an “alcoholic” is “poor guy, he must have it really bad.” or “I wonder what makes him alcoholic?” The best one is “Why cant you just have one beer? Surely, one beer wont do anything?! That must be TERRIBLE!” [...]

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