The 3-Step Process of a Medically Supervised Detox

Detox plays a vital role in overcoming addiction. It helps get rid of the harmful substances and toxins in your mind and body, allowing you to recover from addiction. We don’t recommend trying to do a detox on your own, as there can be negative consequences like dehydration and other [...]

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All About How Addiction Develops and Impacts Your Brain

Addiction is a disorder that rewires your brain in a way that makes it difficult to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. This is why entering a drug and alcohol rehab Florida for treatment is essential in overcoming addiction. Without professional help, addiction can impact many areas of your life, including [...]

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Core Fundamentals of a Good Drug and Alcohol Rehab Platform

Knowing what you should expect from rehab facilities in Florida can help you make the right decision to change your life. Going into rehab will keep you away from your stressors and temptations, allowing you to fully focus on healing and recovering from your addiction. Different rehab centers offer different [...]

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The Importance of Having a Role Model in Recovery

Finishing a treatment program in one of the drug rehab centers in Florida is the best way to kickstart your journey to sobriety. But to guarantee a successful recovery there are a few things you must do to help keep you on track. Having a role model can motivate and [...]

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5 Important Roles of Exercise in Overcoming Addiction

Once you enter a rehab center in Florida, expect that you'll be exercising and eating healthy as a part of the treatment program. Fueling your body with nutritious food and staying active can help clear your mind and reduce your cravings for drugs or alcohol. Not only is this helpful [...]

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Other Environmental Factors that Affect Addiction & Substance Abuse

Many factors contribute to a person's addiction, including their environment. The place they live in, the people they grew up with, the community they're involved in, and their workplace or school influence their likelihood of going through substance abuse. That is why it's important to build a safe and drug-free [...]

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The Role Your Environment Plays in Your Addiction & Recovery

Your environment can contribute to your addiction. It can also impact you during recovery. What we mean by “environment” is the conditions or circumstances that you live in, not just a physical place. There are four types of environment: family, community, peers, and workplace or school environment. Here we’re going [...]

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Tips for Rebuilding Your Relationship with Your Partner During Recovery

Once your partner completes a treatment program at a South Florida addiction recovery center, both of you must try to rebuild your relationship and start a new beginning. Learning how to support each other during recovery will help strengthen your bond and prevent your partner from relapse. This will allow [...]

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4 Tips on How to Tell Your Boss You’re Going to Rehab

Entering a rehab center in South Florida is one of the best things you can do to change you and your family’s life. But before talking to your boss about leaving for rehab, there are a few things you need to do to prepare yourself for whatever the outcome of [...]

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The 4 Stages of Drug Addiction You Can Identify

No two addicts go through the same path of addiction. Some people have naturally addictive personalities, while others take years for addiction to develop. Whatever your journey to addiction maybe, entering one of the treatment centers in South Florida is the only way to kickstart your journey to recovery and [...]

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