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6 Natural Alternatives for Opioid Drugs

Nothing will compel you to visit your doctor faster than the presence of pain. Unfortunately, due to the opioid epidemic and the subsequent scheduling of opioids, your doctor can do very little for your pain. He or she will most likely refer you to a pain management clinic of some [...]

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The Basics of Opiate Overdose and Cardiac Arrest

Opiates are the main drug used to treat acute and chronic pain.  The opiate sister drugs, opioids, are synthetic drugs that mimic opiates in pain relief. Both of these drugs attach to pain receptors in the brain, which bring the numb, sleepy, and euphoric feeling from its use. The dangerous [...]

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How Recreational Drugs Harm Your Teeth

Most people already know that street drugs are harmful to overall health. They alter brain chemistry, weaken the heart and damage the liver, among other serious health consequences. An often-overlooked side effect of drug use is damage to oral health. Illegal drug use can cause a host of issues in [...]

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Understanding the Effects of Mixing Barbiturate and Alcohol

The effects of mixing barbiturate and alcohol differ with each user. However, there are some basic outcomes that can occur. The uncertainty stems from the fact that there are a number of elements that determine the reaction one has, and these can change. Elements include: Ailments Other medications being taken [...]

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What Is Narcan and How Do I Use It To Halt An Overdose?

Opioid drug overdose deaths have increased 500% since 1990, and now claim the lives of over 24,000 Americans every year. In 1971 the FDA gave the green-light to Naloxone (Narcan), a medication that counteracts overdoses of heroin, morphine, and other opiates and opioid derivatives. Today, Naloxone is sold in inexpensive [...]

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What You Need To Know About The Side Effects Of Methadone Treatment

Methadone is a synthetic opioid narcotic drug. Its primary use is to help people who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from other opioids, such as heroin, oxycodone and other narcotic painkillers. While it's a powerful painkilling medication, it's considered safe to take for extended periods of time, but it can produce [...]

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4 Surprising Discoveries About MDMA

MDMA (methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine) is the active ingredient in the party drug Ecstasy, which is used illegally at raves, parties, and clubs to achieve a heightened sense of euphoria and a myriad of psychedelic effects. It's sometimes called the "love drug" because it affects serotonin levels in the brain, which lowers normal [...]

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What is Kratom, and why did the DEA make it a Schedule I Drug?

Kratom is a type of tree that grows throughout the countries of Southeast Asia. Extracts from the leaves of the tree have been used in regional folk medicine for a wide variety of ailments for hundreds of years, but two particular uses have sparked Western interest in it: pain relief [...]

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Recovery Center in Florida | Effects of Heroin

Heroin has become increasingly more popular over the years as the opioid epidemic has continued to grow. Most people that find themselves using heroin actually started with painkillers. Many people who are/were addicted to painkillers switched to heroin because it is cheaper and easier to get while having the same [...]

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