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South Florida Drug Rehab | Different Types of Drugs and Their Different Effects

Different kinds of drugs affect your mind and body negatively in different ways, sometimes, even to the point of death. It attacks your central nervous system, affecting the way you think, behave, and feel. Drugs also increase your chances of developing diseases like cancer, hepatitis, brain damage, and more. If [...]

2020-12-24T08:31:07-05:00December 19th, 2019|Benzodiazepines, Drug Rehab, Hallucinogens, Stimulants|

Understanding Ecstasy Drug Addiction

Understanding ecstasy drug addiction, it's warning signs, and how to best seek treatment, can be confusing at first. This article should shed some light on these things and more... Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) might have a long and scientific name, but people who use the drug don't care about that. They just [...]

2020-12-24T08:31:08-05:00October 2nd, 2018|Drug Rehab, Hallucinogens, Stimulants|
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