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Alcohol As Gateway Drug and Why It’s Dangerous

If you or your loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, don't hesitate to seek help now at an alcohol rehab center in Florida before it's too late! A gateway drug is any substance that leads to the use of a more reliable or more potent medicine.  Alcohol is considered a gateway [...]

2020-12-24T08:30:19-05:00July 29th, 2020|Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Marijuana|

Tips on How to Find Out if Your Son or Daughter is Using Drugs or Alcohol

Teenagers today are easily influenced by what they see in the media and by their peers. Peer pressure and peer influence can compel your child to try drugs and begin drinking alcohol. When this happens, they may easily get hooked on the substance and begin seeking it out as [...]

2020-12-24T08:30:20-05:00May 29th, 2020|Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Marijuana|

South Florida Rehab Center | Top 3 Common Mental Health Problems & Addiction

People with mental health problems often turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication. It can be a way for them to cope and manage the symptoms of their disorders. But this type of self-medication often leads to addiction. So, if you have a mental disorder and have [...]

2020-12-24T08:30:20-05:00February 20th, 2020|Drug Rehab, Marijuana|

Rehab Facilities in Florida | Myths About Drug Use

There are so many misconceptions and myths about drug use, which has led various individuals struggling with substance abuse to shy away from getting the proper treatment that they need. That is why it’s so important to educate ourselves with the truth about drug use, addiction, and rehab facilities in [...]

2020-12-24T08:30:20-05:00November 6th, 2019|Drug Rehab, Marijuana|

Addiction and Delusional Disorder

Prolonged substance abuse can greatly increase the risk of delusional thinking. Drug or alcohol abuse can cause breaks from reality that can worsen over time. These delusions can cause dangerous behaviors and can lead to manipulation of others to obtain drugs. Studies have found that there is a link between [...]

2020-12-24T08:30:20-05:00July 7th, 2019|Antidepressants, Drug Rehab, Marijuana|

Delusional Thinking and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse not only negatively affects your body, but it can increase the severity of preexisting mental disorders. Delusional thinking and psychosis are among the most serious conditions made worse by alcohol abuse. Symptoms of psychosis and delusional disorders can range from paranoia to physical hallucinations. These conditions get worse [...]

2020-12-24T08:30:20-05:00May 3rd, 2019|Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Marijuana|

3 Things Teens Don’t Know About Vaping

E-cigarettes or e-cigs were originally marketed as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, their use among teens and young people has risen drastically. In December of last year, Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams issued an advisory that said he was, “officially declaring e-cigarette use [vaping] among youth an epidemic in [...]

2020-12-24T08:30:21-05:00March 29th, 2019|Drug Rehab, Marijuana|
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