Should America Decriminalize Drugs? | Addiction Treatment Florida

There has been a long standing debate in America on whether or not it should consider the move to decriminalize drugs rather than penalize drug users and those who possess small amounts. Keep reading to learn more about the results other countries have experienced after implementing these types of policies. [...]

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Drug Overdose Deaths Hit Record Numbers (Data Provided)

(for full data, see attachment at end of article) Drug overdose deaths have continued with a steady increase in recent years, while the opioid crisis shifts from taking lives with painkillers like oxycodone to more lethal compounds like heroin and fentanyl, new data show. Overall, the rate of fatal overdoses [...]

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Licenses for 30 New Jersey pain doctors revoked or suspended for over-prescribing opiates

NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino and the Division of Consumer Affairs has announced thirty New Jersey pain doctors and physicians have lost their jobs over the past year for over-prescribing painkillers and other narcotics that can lead to addiction. Pain physicians in New Jersey to blame in part for state's [...]

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Shipments of Cocaine in Florida Fuel Addiction

Florida has long been known as one of the biggest gateways for drugs into the United States. It’s no myth that thousands of pounds of drugs like cocaine filter through the ports of Miami and other Florida cities each year, despite ongoing attempts to end this traffic. In June 2016, [...]

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Ithaca Tackles Heroin Addiction Through Supervised Heroin Injection Sites

Over the past several years, heroin addiction has become a widespread problem in the United States. With heroin abuse levels become epidemic in some areas, government officials are trying to find a new way to help those struggling with the addiction. The mayor in Ithaca, New York has suggested that [...]

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