How to Stay Positive During This Pandemic

With everything that’s going on right now, it’s tempting to cave in and forget about your fight towards a sober life. But you shouldn’t let this pandemic discourage you. If you’re struggling to cope during this difficult time, don’t hesitate to seek help from a rehab center in South Florida. In [...]

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How Telemedicine is Helping Individuals Suffering from Addiction

Because of COVID-19, several rehab centers in Florida and across America are changing their addiction treatment approach. To ensure that patients can still access treatment and receive support despite the social distancing protocols and nationwide lockdowns, they have incorporated telemedicine into their treatment programs. In this article, we will discuss how [...]

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Common Myths About Alcohol and COVID-19

Using Alcohol and sanitizers can help get rid of coronavirus on the surfaces, but drinking alcohol (rubbing alcohol, beer, wine, herbal Alcohol, or distilled spirit) will not boost your immune system or increase your virus resistance. Alcohol, when consumed in high volumes over some time, can deteriorate your health, cause [...]

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Tips on How to Deal with Anxiety and Worries During Covid-19

During this time of uncertainty, when no one knows when the battle against COVID-19 will end, it's easy to worry and become anxious about the future. Some can manage their fears and anxiety and go about their day usually, but others struggle to cope. Stress, anxiety, and depression can trigger [...]

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The Truth About Overcoming Addiction

The truth about overcoming an addiction is that it doesn't happen overnight. There's no "simple", "straight", or "quick" path to recovery. It sometimes involves relapsing more than once and entering one of the rehab facilities in Florida for the nth time before a patient can finally achieve lasting sobriety. But [...]

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3 Reasons Why Professional Addiction Treatment is Important

If you want to beat addiction and live a sober life in the years to come, you need to seek professional help at a rehab center in South Florida, so you can receive the treatment you need. Unfortunately, only a few people recognize the need for rehab or are willing [...]

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Overcoming Fear During the Early Stages of Recovery

The idea of rehab, treatment, therapy, support groups, and getting better in a recovery center Florida can be intimidating, especially for addicts whose only known drugs or alcohol to get by. So much of their identities have been wrapped up in addiction, that they can’t imagine living a life without [...]

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How to Support Your Child During Treatment and Recovery

If you’re a parent of a child who’s struggling with addiction, dealing with the situation can get overwhelming. But its important that you stay strong and hopeful for your child, so he/she can overcome addiction through your support and by receiving treatment from a rehab center in South Florida. In [...]

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