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Addiction Treatment in Florida is Not Like a Spring Break

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) lists important objectives of an addiction rehab treatment program. These points include all of the things you should gain from addiction treatment in Florida: end to personal substance use opportunities to lead a more active life improvement of interpersonal relationships, including family greater [...]

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Keys to Long-Term Recovery

Drug addiction leads to many negative changes in a person's life. To turn these changes around, long-term rehab is needed to help guide you to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Rehab may be an inpatient, outpatient or intensive outpatient program and should offer an opportunity to explore ways to maintain [...]

Adventure Therapy is a Proven Unique Drug Treatment

Most individuals seeking rehabilitation from drugs or alcohol understand that they will spend a great deal of time in one-on-one counseling with a licensed therapist. They also are generally familiar with the concept of group therapy, where those working to overcome addiction come together and share stories to gain peer [...]

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How An Intensive Outpatient Program Can Help You

When considering addiction treatment, it's hard to know what certain programs do, when to enter them, or how long they last. An intensive outpatient program is no exception. While treatment centers can help you with the specifics, it’s good to have some information in advance. That way you will have [...]

Is Florida the Best Place To Go For A Great Drug Rehab Program?

You could enter a drug rehab program anywhere in the United States. However, not all drug rehab centers are the same. If you're looking for the best drug rehab program for you, your best choice would be to travel to Florida for treatment. Not only does Florida offer a unique [...]

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Alcohol Abuse Among College Students

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, all college students are affected by alcohol misuse among peers, whether they drink or not. This is because there are such far-reaching effects of alcohol abuse among college students - beyond getting drunk, binge drinking and hangovers.  Even the most successful [...]

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Relapse Prevention & Why It Matters

Sadly, relapse is generally considered to be a part of the recovery process. As many as 60 percent of the people who attend rehab facilities end up using drugs or alcohol again at some point in their lives. Although relapse doesn't equal failure, and only means you have a new [...]

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Should I send my son or daughter to Florida for alcohol treatment?

Whether it’s in movies, TV shows or videos on the internet, we live in a world where drugs and alcohol are frequently glamorized, and it’s causing our children to begin abusing alcohol at a younger age than ever before. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 9% of 8th [...]

Drug rehab centers in Florida (FL) are giving families their lives back

Struggling with any type of addiction to drugs or alcohol can change a person’s life drastically. Before addiction settles in, most addicts are kind, generous and loving people. Then, everything changes. The disease of addiction is baffling and powerful, and many addicts go through an incomprehensible transformation when they become [...]

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