How Does Medical Detox Help You Through Addiction Treatment?

When you're first facing addiction treatment, it's hard to know what programs you'll need to go through. While a few are able to move into an inpatient program immediately, most people have to go through medical detox first. What Is Medical Detox? People who go through a detoxing program are [...]

How An Intensive Outpatient Program Can Help You

When considering addiction treatment, it's hard to know what certain programs do, when to enter them, or how long they last. An intensive outpatient program is no exception. While treatment centers can help you with the specifics, it’s good to have some information in advance. That way you will have [...]

Is Florida the Best Place To Go For A Great Drug Rehab Program?

You could enter a drug rehab program anywhere in the United States. However, not all drug rehab centers are the same. If you're looking for the best drug rehab program for you, your best choice would be to travel to Florida for treatment. Not only does Florida offer a unique [...]

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Why Eating Healthy At Drug Rehab Is Essential

What people learn during addiction treatment effects them for the rest of their lives. Through treatment, many people learn coping skills and healthy habits that help them through stressful and triggering situations years after treatment is over. While some treatment centers will put their focus entirely on traditional addiction treatment [...]

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Prescription Pill Abuse is an Epidemic – Kids Are Taking Medications From Your Cabinets

When many people think about drug abuse and addiction, it’s the traditional street drugs like heroin and cocaine that often come to mind. However, another epidemic has emerged: prescription pill abuse. Although these pills and medications may be helpful when used in the right context, they can be bought and [...]

Ithaca Tackles Heroin Addiction Through Supervised Heroin Injection Sites

Over the past several years, heroin addiction has become a widespread problem in the United States. With heroin abuse levels become epidemic in some areas, government officials are trying to find a new way to help those struggling with the addiction. The mayor in Ithaca, New York has suggested that [...]

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Alcohol Abuse in Older Adults in Florida – Your Parent May Need Rehab

Addiction is an illness that can impact people of all ages, and in many cases it may be seniors who suffer most from alcoholism. Alcohol abuse in older adults is something that isn't discussed enough, but it can be a major problem for the elderly. Parents and even grandparents can [...]

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What Should I Expect from a Drug Rehab Center?

What To Expect From a Drug Rehab Center The main feature patients should expect from a drug rehab center is a personalized treatment plan that addresses the whole body and mind, not just the issue of addiction. Most rehab centers offer programs within that model such as inpatient, intensive outpatient, [...]

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Why Modalities and Therapies at Drug Rehab Can Be Instrumental to Recovery

What Are Modalities and Therapies at Drug Rehab? Some common modalities and therapies at drug rehab include group therapy, medically based treatment, psychotherapy/counseling, 12-step programs, educational lectures, individual therapy, family therapy and occupational therapy. Not all modalities or therapies are employed at every addiction treatment center. For example, the medically [...]

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Alcohol Abuse Among College Students

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, all college students are affected by alcohol misuse among peers, whether they drink or not. This is because there are such far-reaching effects of alcohol abuse among college students - beyond getting drunk, binge drinking and hangovers.  Even the most successful [...]

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