Why Do Criminal Addicts Constantly Relapse?

Addiction in the criminal justice system has been studied for decades leaving some of the brightest minds in the field banging their proverbial heads on the wall in frustration. Addicts are some of the most difficult people to motivate and work with and then add the criminal justice system element [...]

2018-04-01T02:20:35+00:00 April 2nd, 2018|Addiction|

Alcohol, Women and Its Impact on Their Health

There is every reason why alcohol, women and its impact on their health should be discussed. Research has demonstrated for decades that women's bodies respond differently to alcohol than men's, and, for the average woman, the results are negative. Alcohol is processed differently in men and women’s bodies. In women, the [...]

2018-04-09T14:26:25+00:00 March 19th, 2018|Alcohol Addiction|

St. Patrick’s Day is Just Another 24 Hours in Recovery

For those in recovery or abstaining from alcohol and drugs, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, as with any other publicly celebrated holiday, can be challenging. There is a tendency for many in our culture to view these days as a way to drink and drug excessively. There are several ways one [...]

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How Does Addiction Disrupt and Destroy Families?

Addiction is known as a family disease that can disrupt and sadly, destroy the nuclear family unit. Substance abuse and alcoholism are the results of a multi-dimensional problem often including genetic, environmental, physical, mental and emotional issues. The relationship between the family and the addict can be understood in the [...]

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Is It Ok to Drink Non-Alcoholic Beers Such as O’Doul’s While in Recovery?

O’Doul’s, a near-beer, produced by Anheuser Busch, is considered by state and federal regulations to be a non-alcoholic drink. It has a reported 0.4% alcoholic content level. In the scheme of alcoholic beverages, this level is considered low. Federal levels consider 0.5% alcohol content to be defined as an alcoholic [...]

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Alcohol Consumption, Mood Regulation, and Behavior

Years of research has long associated alcohol consumption with people’s attempts to regulate their mood, both positively and negatively. Often it is used to enhance positive emotions as a means of coping with a negative feeling. However, in many instances, it has a direct correlation with aggressive behavior. In repeated [...]

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Are You Protecting Your Loved One — or Enabling Them?

The anguish that an addict's family feels watching their loved one spiral into dependency is second only to the anguish of the struggling addict himself. During this difficult time of searching for an effective treatment and hoping that you can get help in time, however, you could inadvertently be enabling [...]

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