The Basics of Opiate Overdose and Cardiac Arrest

Opiates are the main drug used to treat acute and chronic pain.  The opiate sister drugs, opioids, are synthetic drugs that mimic opiates in pain relief. Both of these drugs attach to pain receptors in the brain, which bring the numb, sleepy, and euphoric feeling from its use. The dangerous [...]

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How Recreational Drugs Harm Your Teeth

Most people already know that street drugs are harmful to overall health. They alter brain chemistry, weaken the heart and damage the liver, among other serious health consequences. An often-overlooked side effect of drug use is damage to oral health. Illegal drug use can cause a host of issues in [...]

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What to Expect from an Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program

If you have recently decided to seek help for your drug addiction, the next step is deciding which type of treatment program to pursue. Although you may desire the intense focus of an inpatient program, perhaps it isn't practical for you for a variety of reasons. Maybe you're a single [...]

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Understanding the Effects of Mixing Barbiturate and Alcohol

The effects of mixing barbiturate and alcohol differ with each user. However, there are some basic outcomes that can occur. The uncertainty stems from the fact that there are a number of elements that determine the reaction one has, and these can change. Elements include: Ailments Other medications being taken [...]

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Prescription Drugs : The Dangers of Vicodin

Also known by its generic name, hydrocodone, Vicodin is a widely-prescribed drug used for analgesic purposes. Although it is effective for relieving moderate to severe pain, Vicodin is a narcotic drug that is highly addictive. Short-Term Effects Vicodin is in the opiate family of drugs and is prescribed by medical [...]

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Myths and Facts About Drug Addiction

Popular media depicts drug addiction in many different ways. Some show it in a dramatic sense, while others are comedic. Whether we're watching a real-life intervention on TV or seeing goofy "stoners" stumble their way through some frequent misadventures, it's easy for us to eventually associate these portrayals with reality. [...]

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Alcohol Abuse and Delusional Thinking

There is a close connection between the use of alcohol and the development of mental illnesses that cause delusions, even of a temporary nature. But it is also the case that those who are prone to these mental diseases are also those prone to abuse alcohol, hence exacerbating their symptoms, [...]

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What Is Narcan and How Do I Use It To Halt An Overdose?

Opioid drug overdose deaths have increased 500% since 1990, and now claim the lives of over 24,000 Americans every year. In 1971 the FDA gave the green-light to Naloxone (Narcan), a medication that counteracts overdoses of heroin, morphine, and other opiates and opioid derivatives. Today, Naloxone is sold in inexpensive [...]

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Addiction: How to Cope When your Friend is Suffering

Addiction can be a long and harrowing journey for everyone involved. The focus is usually on the addict and the recovery. Loved ones often fail to get the support during the ordeal. They are often physically and emotionally drained from the experience. Addiction may also last for many years, causing [...]

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