The Impact of Childhood Trauma on the Quality of Life in Adulthood

Traumatic incidents you experience in your childhood can affect your brain's development. These incidents are believed to be the reason behind specific behavioral, social, and intellectual problems that follow into adulthood, causing different long-term mental health issues that may cause a person to self-medicate through the use of drugs or [...]

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The Role of Social Media in Addiction

Teens are incredibly vulnerable to the effects of what they see and hear on social media. They're particularly sensitive towards peer pressure and influences. Social Media exposes teens to celebrities, influencers, and ordinary people who are openly drinking alcohol and getting high. Because of this, a lot of teens engage [...]

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3 Reasons Why Professional Addiction Treatment is Important

If you want to beat addiction and live a sober life in the years to come, you need to seek professional help at a rehab center in South Florida, so you can receive the treatment you need. Unfortunately, only a few people recognize the need for rehab or are willing [...]

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Why Self Help isn’t Enough to Overcome Addiction

A lot of people think that what an addict need is willpower to successfully overcome an addiction.  But an addict is no longer in control of their mind or body since their addiction has taken over their entire being. The desire to use and get high again is so strong [...]

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Possible Negative Impressions of Rehab

A lot of addicted individuals want to seek professional help at a drug and alcohol rehab Florida, so they can successfully overcome addiction. Unfortunately, because of misconceptions, most are afraid to enter rehab. Rehab is thought of as an asylum for the mentally sick, criminals, and hard-core addicts. But in [...]

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Signs You’re Ready to Get Sober

If you've finally decided you want to seek help from one of the rehab facilities in Florida, so you can successfully overcome addiction, then don't hesitate to receive treatment. Taking this step will bring you closer to achieving lasting sobriety. It's also a sign that you're ready to leave addiction [...]

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Overcoming Alcohol Addiction: How to Manage Your Fears

Seeking treatment at an alcohol rehab center, getting better, and overcoming alcoholism are intimidating ideas for most alcoholics. Maybe because so much of their identity has been wrapped around alcohol that they can’t imagine living life without it. Becoming sober is a step into the unknown for them and it [...]

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