3 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much During This Pandemic

If you can’t stop drinking during this pandemic, you need to seek help at an alcohol rehab center in Florida. COVID-related stresses are pounding people on the head each day. Some find healthy ways to cope, but others struggle to survive without chugging down alcohol. Alcohol can help you relax after a [...]

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How Telemedicine is Helping Individuals Suffering from Addiction

Because of COVID-19, several rehab centers in Florida and across America are changing their addiction treatment approach. To ensure that patients can still access treatment and receive support despite the social distancing protocols and nationwide lockdowns, they have incorporated telemedicine into their treatment programs. In this article, we will discuss how [...]

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What Do I Need to Know About Alcohol During the Pandemic?

During this Pandemic, people are drinking more than usual to cope with all that's happening around them. Unfortunately, if you're not careful, excessive drinking can increase your vulnerability to the COVID-19 virus, and you also may end up developing an addiction to alcohol. If you feel like you or loved [...]

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Common Myths About Alcohol and COVID-19

Using Alcohol and sanitizers can help get rid of coronavirus on the surfaces, but drinking alcohol (rubbing alcohol, beer, wine, herbal Alcohol, or distilled spirit) will not boost your immune system or increase your virus resistance. Alcohol, when consumed in high volumes over some time, can deteriorate your health, cause [...]

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How to Safeguard Your Mental Health During This Pandemic

For recovering addicts who just got out of a rehab center in South Florida, they need to continue seeking treatment to support their recovery. But during this time of global pandemic where social gatherings are prohibited and staying at home is encouraged, it's difficult to access support groups and therapies. [...]

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Social Signs and Symptoms That Indicate You’re an Addict

Drug addiction can cause someone to become socially aloof and distant from their families, friends, and even spouses or partners. More often than not, this is where relationship strains stem from, which may result in divorce or broken relationships. Before it's too late, seek help now from one of the [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Fight for a Sober Life

Drug or alcohol addiction can ruin your career, damage your relationships, and destroy your future. It can also stop you from tapping into your potential and realizing your dreams. But it’s never too late to seek help from drug rehab in South Florida and change your life for the better. [...]

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Signs That You’re a High-Functioning Alcoholic

A high-functioning alcoholic thinks they don’t need to seek help from an alcohol rehab center in South Florida because everything in their life seems to be going great despite their unrollable urge to drink alcohol, but in reality, they do. A high-functioning alcoholic is someone who fits the criteria of [...]

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