Unhealthy Coping Skills You Should Avoid During This Pandemic

If you’re struggling to remain sober during this pandemic, don’t hesitate to seek help from drug rehab in South Florida. During this pandemic, it’s essential to have the right coping skills to help you deal with stressful situations.  Unfortunately, not all coping skills are healthy. Some are propensities for abuses and could [...]

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How to Stay Positive During This Pandemic

With everything that’s going on right now, it’s tempting to cave in and forget about your fight towards a sober life. But you shouldn’t let this pandemic discourage you. If you’re struggling to cope during this difficult time, don’t hesitate to seek help from a rehab center in South Florida. In [...]

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How to Manage Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Are you struggling to stay sober during this challenging time? If yes, then you need to know that you're not alone. Thousands of people have fallen into relapse, after getting overwhelmed by COVID-related stresses. But don't let this setback stop you from achieving lasting sobriety. Drug treatment centers in Florida [...]

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How People with Drug and Alcohol Addiction are Affected by the Coronavirus

People with substance abuse disorder are more susceptible to contracting the virus because their immune system is already weakened by their drug use or excessive alcohol intake. If you don't seek help now from a recovery center in Florida, your addiction or the virus might get the best of you and take [...]

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How Drug Use Increases Your Risk of Catching the Virus

Because of this global pandemic, the government had to impose widespread lockdowns and social distancing measures to keep everyone safe and protect from the virus. Unfortunately, it has become more challenging for recovering addicts and people dealing with drug addiction to access support and treatment at a drug rehab in South Florida.  [...]

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Dealing with Addiction During COVID-19

Dealing with addiction during this pandemic can be very frightening. With all that's going on right now, it's easier to worry, get anxious, fall into depression, and even relapse rather than stay motivated and focus on your recovery. But this uncertain time shouldn't stop you from progressing and achieving lasting sobriety. [...]

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How Additional Stressors Can Trigger Relapses in Addicts

A lot of recovering addicts rely on support meetings at treatment centers in South Florida and outpatient group counseling to beat addiction and achieve lasting sobriety. But during this time of the global pandemic, where social gatherings are prohibited and staying at home is encouraged, it’s easier for recovering addicts [...]

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Social Signs and Symptoms That Indicate You’re an Addict

Drug addiction can cause someone to become socially aloof and distant from their families, friends, and even spouses or partners. More often than not, this is where relationship strains stem from, which may result in divorce or broken relationships. Before it's too late, seek help now from one of the [...]

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The Psychological Effects Addiction Has On You

Alcohol or drug addiction is a progressive disease. Over time, you form a higher tolerance, experience stronger cravings, and develop dependence with the substance you’re addicted to. Failing to seek help from one of the drug rehab centers in Florida at an early stage will cause you to suffer from [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Fight for a Sober Life

Drug or alcohol addiction can ruin your career, damage your relationships, and destroy your future. It can also stop you from tapping into your potential and realizing your dreams. But it’s never too late to seek help from drug rehab in South Florida and change your life for the better. [...]

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