Coping with Loneliness During This Pandemic without Using Alcohol

Even before this pandemic, many people already use alcohol to cope with loneliness and sadness. The social distancing and isolation protocols observed during these difficult times, only magnified and intensified this existing problem. Emotional drinking can lead to substance abuse disorder and, eventually, addiction. That’s why entering an alcohol rehab center in [...]

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3 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much During This Pandemic

If you can’t stop drinking during this pandemic, you need to seek help at an alcohol rehab center in Florida. COVID-related stresses are pounding people on the head each day. Some find healthy ways to cope, but others struggle to survive without chugging down alcohol. Alcohol can help you relax after a [...]

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Benefits of Music Therapy in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

A rehab center in South Florida uses music to help their patients relax and focus on their recovery. Listening to music offers many benefits, especially to those trying to overcome an addiction. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of music therapy in addiction treatment and recovery. What are the [...]

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What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How Does it Help in Recovery?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is used in different addiction treatment programs to help patients control their thoughts, reassess perceptions, and change their thought patterns. This empowers them to support and take control of their recovery until they achieve lasting sobriety. If you or someone you know is struggling with an [...]

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3 Signs You Need Professional Help to Deal with Your Addiction

To successfully stay away from drugs, you need to address the root cause of your addiction and develop habits that will support your sobriety. And the only way to do this is to ask for professional help from a drug rehab South Florida. Rehabs offer treatment programs that aim to [...]

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Recreational Activities You Can Be Doing Inside Rehab

Life inside a drug rehab South Florida facility involves following a regulated routine. While it may sound boring, living with a schedule is beneficial because it instills good habits, makes your treatment more effective, and above all, helps break addictive patterns. It also eliminates the guesswork out of the rehab [...]

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Step by Step Guide on What You Should Do After Relapse

Several studies show that half of the people who enter a drug rehab South Florida will likely relapse within a year from completing a treatment program. Although this may sound discouraging, relapse is a normal part of the recovery process. It’s considered to be a symptom of addiction recovery by [...]

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Other Environmental Factors that Affect Addiction & Substance Abuse

Many factors contribute to a person's addiction, including their environment. The place they live in, the people they grew up with, the community they're involved in, and their workplace or school influence their likelihood of going through substance abuse. That is why it's important to build a safe and drug-free [...]

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The 4 Stages of Drug Addiction You Can Identify

No two addicts go through the same path of addiction. Some people have naturally addictive personalities, while others take years for addiction to develop. Whatever your journey to addiction maybe, entering one of the treatment centers in South Florida is the only way to kickstart your journey to recovery and [...]

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