Coping with Loneliness During This Pandemic without Using Alcohol

Even before this pandemic, many people already use alcohol to cope with loneliness and sadness. The social distancing and isolation protocols observed during these difficult times, only magnified and intensified this existing problem. Emotional drinking can lead to substance abuse disorder and, eventually, addiction. That’s why entering an alcohol rehab center in [...]

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What are the Signs that Show a Decline in Your Mental Health?

During this pandemic, rehab facilities in Florida continue to provide treatment to patients suffering from co-occurring disorders.  If you previously had depression or other mental illness, it might come back or intensify during this pandemic. As much as possible, avoid using drugs or alcohol to cope because it can lead to addiction. [...]

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Why Do Addicts Have a Greater Risk of Contracting COVID-19?

This pandemic heightened the addiction crisis in America. More and more people require inpatient treatment at a rehab center in Florida due to acute medical needs. For example, patients with severe withdrawal symptoms or those with infectious complications. These patients must receive the treatment they need because they’re at greater risk of [...]

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Dealing with Addiction During COVID-19

Dealing with addiction during this pandemic can be very frightening. With all that's going on right now, it's easier to worry, get anxious, fall into depression, and even relapse rather than stay motivated and focus on your recovery. But this uncertain time shouldn't stop you from progressing and achieving lasting sobriety. [...]

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Tips on How to Deal with Anxiety and Worries During Covid-19

During this time of uncertainty, when no one knows when the battle against COVID-19 will end, it's easy to worry and become anxious about the future. Some can manage their fears and anxiety and go about their day usually, but others struggle to cope. Stress, anxiety, and depression can trigger [...]

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Top 3 Challenges a Recovering Addict Faces in Addiction Recovery

After completing an addiction treatment program in one of the treatment centers in South Florida, it’s time to reenter society and apply what you learned in rehab. As you transition out of rehab and back to your home, expect to encounter challenges that may test your entire being and your [...]

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How to Live a New Life After Recovering From Addiction

After completing a treatment program at a drug and alcohol rehab Florida, it’s time for a fresh start in life. But this is easier said than done, especially when you don’t know what to do. Finding a new goal or passion in life is a start. This will allow you [...]

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How to Find Your Purpose During Recovery for Addiction

Deciding to seek help and completing a treatment program at a South Florida addiction recovery center can be challenging enough. But finding purpose during recovery and making a fresh start in life after addiction is the next step. It takes courage and resilience to move forward. That’s why having a [...]

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