24 07, 2023

The Experience of Survivor’s Guilt Among Military Personnel

By |2023-07-24T21:26:09+00:00July 24, 2023|Active Military Members, Mental Health|0 Comments

Encountering traumatizing military situations is common for active military service members. While disturbing experiences as an army soldier are expected, it doesn't make dealing with the effects of trauma any easier. Surviving life-threatening situations while losing comrades in combat can cause deep-rooted psychological wounds, a term known as survivor's guilt. [...]

3 07, 2023

Adventure Therapy: Post-Pandemic Healing for Military Personnel

By |2023-07-01T01:34:56+00:00July 3, 2023|Active Military Members, Mental Health|0 Comments

Adventure-based therapy programs in drug and alcohol rehab have effectively assisted in treating substance use disorders (SUDs), trauma, PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, and behavioral issues. Adventure therapy encourages spending time in the great outdoors to take a break from life's busyness and enjoy nature's healing power. Nature has a calming, [...]

26 06, 2023

Navigating the Transition from Service Member to Civilian: A Guide to a Successful Reintegration

By |2023-06-15T17:57:53+00:00June 26, 2023|Active Military Members, Veterans|0 Comments

Transitioning from military service to life as a civilian can be challenging. A few main challenges servicemembers face when retiring are unemployment, mental health issues, injuries/disabilities, identity crisis, and homelessness. Veterans need to have the support and guidance beneficial for successful reintegration. Ways to Transition From Military to Civilian Life [...]

21 06, 2023

How Drug Rehabilitation Centers Expedite Treatment for Sailors in Mental Health Crises

By |2023-06-16T00:20:10+00:00June 21, 2023|Active Military Members, Drug Rehab, Mental Health, Rehab Treatment|0 Comments

In 2018, The Brandon Act changed the culture of mental health in the U.S. Navy. Navy sailor, Brandon Caserta, was bullied and hazed by his Naval command for opening up about his struggle with depression. Brandon was not provided the necessary support or mental health treatments for his depression. On [...]

14 06, 2023

How Rehab Centers Serve as Lifelines for Active Military Members and Veterans

By |2023-06-12T19:10:04+00:00June 14, 2023|Active Military Members, Drug Rehab, Veterans|0 Comments

Military service comes with unique stressors due to the high-stress environment and exposure to traumatic events. The nature of their work can cause multiple behavioral health conditions, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance use disorder (SUD). Substance abuse in active military members and veterans can be disastrous [...]

22 05, 2023

Rising Strong: How Rehab Center Treatments Foster Resilience in Active Military Members and Veterans

By |2023-05-09T16:49:12+00:00May 22, 2023|Active Military Members, Drug Rehab, Rehab Treatment, Veterans|0 Comments

Drug and alcohol rehab centers offer various treatment methods tailored to the unique needs of active military members and veterans. Rehab treatment methods such as physical rehabilitation, different behavioral therapies, and bilateral stimulation can help military members better manage stress and anxiety, cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and learn [...]

10 05, 2023

Breaking the Barrier: Removing the Stigma for Active Military Members Seeking Rehab Center Treatment

By |2023-05-09T16:44:14+00:00May 10, 2023|Active Military Members, Drug Rehab, Rehab Treatment|0 Comments

The shame associated with addiction is one of the many reasons people, especially military service members, refuse to seek treatment. Constant exposure to combat and other traumatic events often contributes to developing substance use disorders (SUDs). Many service members turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with symptoms of post-traumatic [...]

8 05, 2023

Preventing Suicide for Active Military Members & Veterans

By |2023-05-09T16:41:18+00:00May 8, 2023|Active Military Members, Addiction, Mental Health, Rehab Treatment, Veterans|0 Comments

Suicide among active military personnel and veterans is a serious ongoing problem that the Department of Defense and other agencies are working to address. Suicide is considered a "wicked problem." Wicked does not mean evil; it means a problem with many interconnected issues and multiple layers, the solution to which [...]

3 05, 2023

Rehab Centers and EMDR Therapy Programs: Can They Help Active Military Members and Veterans?

By |2023-05-09T16:40:48+00:00May 3, 2023|Active Military Members, Addiction, Mental Health, Rehab Treatment, Veterans|0 Comments

Active duty service members (ADSMs) and military veterans face unique situations and health issues due to their occupation. Avoiding trauma in the military is, unfortunately, inevitable. As a military member, it's a matter of learning how to deal with trauma rather than prevent it. While many active and retired service [...]

17 04, 2023

The Misuse of Prescription Drugs in the Military and Its Impact on Service Members

By |2023-04-06T19:11:06+00:00April 17, 2023|Active Military Members, Addiction, Antidepressants, Mental Health, Opioids|0 Comments

The environment for military service members can vary depending on many factors, such as their branch of service, job specialty, location, and deployment status. Military service can be psychologically demanding and taxing for members and their mental health. Service members commonly struggle to balance their mental and physical health with [...]

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