5 06, 2023

The Impact of Holidays on Veterans’ Mental Health

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The holidays can be a sensitive and often unpredictable time for families, especially those with veterans. When spending the holidays with a veteran, several different things should be considered when they're around. Holiday celebrations and spending time with family members can be incredibly triggering and overwhelming for veterans' mental health [...]

17 05, 2023

Exploring the Complex Relationship Between Combat Veterans, Alcoholism, and PTSD

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Veterans returning home, especially those who have participated in combat, have witnessed violence and killing, and have enlisted for more than one tour, are at greater risk of developing PTSD and alcoholism (AUD). According to the National Center for PTSD (part of the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs), those who [...]

8 05, 2023

Preventing Suicide for Active Military Members & Veterans

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Suicide among active military personnel and veterans is a serious ongoing problem that the Department of Defense and other agencies are working to address. Suicide is considered a "wicked problem." Wicked does not mean evil; it means a problem with many interconnected issues and multiple layers, the solution to which [...]

3 05, 2023

Rehab Centers and EMDR Therapy Programs: Can They Help Active Military Members and Veterans?

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Active duty service members (ADSMs) and military veterans face unique situations and health issues due to their occupation. Avoiding trauma in the military is, unfortunately, inevitable. As a military member, it's a matter of learning how to deal with trauma rather than prevent it. While many active and retired service [...]

24 04, 2023

The Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for First Responders

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) also emphasizes the role of behavior in maintaining positive, healthy patterns. Our emotions influence our thoughts, just as our thoughts influence our behaviors—and vice versa. Through CBT, patients learn to identify and change the maladaptive behaviors contributing to their negative patterns. This is especially helpful for [...]

17 04, 2023

The Misuse of Prescription Drugs in the Military and Its Impact on Service Members

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The environment for military service members can vary depending on many factors, such as their branch of service, job specialty, location, and deployment status. Military service can be psychologically demanding and taxing for members and their mental health. Service members commonly struggle to balance their mental and physical health with [...]

10 04, 2023

Understanding Suicide in the Navy: Causes, Prevention, and Support

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The last few years have seen a decrease in suicide among the Navy and other active service members. It is not entirely clear, yet, whether the pandemic has any relation to this decrease in deaths. However, the number of suicides among active military members, including those in the Navy, is [...]