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Christian Rehab Program

You or a loved one has lost sight of the spiritual path because of alcohol and drugs, Rock Recovery Center’s (RRC) Christian Recovery Program can help. Our evidenced-based treatment approaches combine best practices, through a variety of therapeutic modalities, with a practical and spiritual program of healing with faith. Understanding the need for an individual to lean on God as the source of recovery, RRC has taken the foundation of 12 Step programs and blended it with a Christ-centered approach utilizing biblical truths. The essence of a Christian-based recovery program is grounded in the belief of forgiveness and redemption.

At Rock Recovery Center we know that there is more than one approach to recovery from addiction. The staff at RRC believes that each treatment plan must reflect the needs of the individual. Many people in recovery find renewed strength in uniting with the Christian faith or connecting with it for the first time.

The basis for the 12 Step program is spiritual, thus, combining the tenets of the bible with the traditional 12 Step program is a natural fit. Additionally, our Christian program integrates the best therapeutic modalities with the words of the Scripture thereby building a solid spiritual, physical, and emotional, and mental foundation for a robust recovery.

Align Your Faith With Your Recovery

Rock Recovery Offers:

  • Christian group therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Addiction workshops
  • Spiritual discussions based on the Bible and Christian beliefs
  • Medication management (when necessary)
  • Mental Health Disorders and behavior modification workshops (when appropriate)
  • Adventure therapy
  • Family
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Aftercare
  • Updated treatment plans

The road to recovery takes work, but with the support of other addicts and alcoholics, the process is more manageable and tolerable. You can reclaim your life; you can find forgiveness, peace, fulfillment in sobriety through our Christian Recovery program. The void that alcohol and drugs created and deepened can be filled with faith, and a sense of community. Treatment does work, and sobriety can be lasting when it is combined with a healthy spiritual foundation based upon Christ’s teachings. Every day is a new beginning, every day is another day to become the best expression of you and your Creator.

Call now. Talk with someone who can answer your questions about our Christian Recovery Program and get the help you need today.

Your Insurance May Cover The Cost of Treatment

We work with a wide variety of Insurance carriers to help with the financing of your treatment.

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