who offers drug and alcohol rehab florida?

Despite having some shared similarities, every case of drug or alcohol addiction is unique. That’s why there are no two similar paths to recovery. Some do well as an inpatient in a drug and alcohol rehab Florida, while some do better as an outpatient. Drug or alcohol addiction is also caused by a combination of factors. To help you understand what might’ve triggered your addiction, here are the factors that can contribute to your addiction:


According to the American Psychological Association, your genes play an important role in your addiction. Half of your tendency to become addicted lies within your genes. It is said that genes dictate how a person reacts to drugs, its negative effects, and euphoria.

Surroundings or Environment

Aside from genetics, the environment you grew up in and the people around you also play a significant role in your addiction. Studies show that most addicted individuals grew up watching their parents misuse drugs or alcohol, go through a divorce, suffer from a mental illness, or abuse. Experts believe that becoming addicted is a way for addicted individuals to numb the pain that they feel.

Trauma or Abuse

Traumatic experiences, events, or abuses leave a deep scar on the mind, and over time, most individuals choose to dull their pain with alcohol or drugs.

Mental Illness

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, most addicted individuals are also dealing with a mental illness. That’s why therapies are incorporated in treatments and programs in drug and alcohol rehab Florida.

Peer Pressure

The people you’re constantly interacting with influence the way you think, speak, and in what you do. So, if you’re constantly hanging out with addicts or alcoholics, then you’re likely to become one too.

who offers drug and alcohol rehab florida?

Looking for a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Florida?

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, then it’s best to bring them to a drug and alcohol rehab Florida. At Rock Recovery Center, we are dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction permanently through various programs that are designed to cater to your specific needs. Contact us for inquiries!