what are drug and alcohol rehab florida?

A lot of addicted individuals want to seek professional help at a drug and alcohol rehab Florida, so they can successfully overcome addiction. Unfortunately, because of misconceptions, most are afraid to enter rehab. Rehab is thought of as an asylum for the mentally sick, criminals, and hard-core addicts. But in reality, it’s for anyone and everyone who wants to get better; no matter which level of addiction they belong to. In this article, we will debunk negative impressions about rehab to help clear your doubts, so you can finally enter one and receive the treatment you need.

where is a drug and alcohol rehab florida?

What Are Some Negative Impressions of Rehab?

Rehab is for Criminals, Mentally Ill, and Hardcore Addicts

This misconception stemmed from court-ordered rehabs, where people are routinely ordered to attend rehab instead of serving a sentence. But in reality, various kinds of rehab cater to different types of patients. And there are designated rehabs to cater court-ordered rehabs.

Addiction itself is a mental illness, but some people experience co-occurring disorders, like depression, PTSD, and anxiety, together with their addiction, which is probably why some people think rehab it’s for the mentally ill. But co-occurring disorders are considered to be mild to moderate mental health issues, which means severe mental health conditions like psychosis or schizophrenia will be treated differently in a totally different facility.

Rehab is Boring and Uninteresting

In a drug and alcohol rehab Florida, your schedule will be hectic. Each day will be filled with activities, one-on-one therapy, and group work, where you get to learn more about addiction, how to cope with it, and how to deal with triggers. Rest assured that no day is the same and you won’t have the time to think you’re bored.

what is a drug and alcohol rehab florida?

Looking for a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Florida?

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from entering a drug and alcohol rehab Florida. At Rock Recovery Center, we offer various treatment programs that will help you overcome addiction. Contact us for inquires!