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Drug Rehab in Florida | Fentanyl Abuse

One dangerous and powerful drug that our drug rehab in Florida is seeing is fentanyl. It is one of the strongest prescription opiates available, nearly 50 times stronger than morphine. It is prescribed for surgery recovery and cancer patients. In can come in the form of a dermal patch, an injection, or even in a lollipop.

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl, just like any other opiate, is extremely addicting. Currently, the number of daily fentanyl related deaths in the US are climbing steadily. The reason for the increasing overdoses and overdose deaths related to fentanyl is that it is so potent and so powerful, that it only takes a small amount to overdose. Addicts believe that they are purchasing heroin, and fentanyl requires a much smaller dose to achieve the same effects as heroin. The result is death.

Some are lucky to be revive and sent to the ER or a rehab in Florida. In Philadelphia it was reported a 300% increase in fentanyl deaths from 2013 to 2014. North California saw 48 overdoses and 12 deaths since March of 2016, and that number has increased from the initial reports. A police officer in Ohio overdosed from coming in contact with fentanyl after a traffic stop. It took emergency services 4 doses of Narcan (naloxone) to revive him.

Our Drug Rehab in Florida Can Help

Fentanyl abuse is running rampant, killing people and hurting countless others. A drug rehab in Florida is a part of the solution to combat this opiate epidemic. Treatment offers an addict a clean, safe environment to get away from dangerous drugs like fentanyl and begin to repair their lives. Learning how to live with opiates, and learning how to recover from near fatal overdoses can all be achieved in Florida rehab for drugs. Fentanyl and heroin may not be the users only issues with substances, but all substances and issues can be address with the confines of a drug rehab.