Need a Drug Rehab South Florida?

Continued drug abuse and addiction can not only cause harm to your mental health, but it can also your physical health. The good news is you can seek help today at a drug rehab South Florida. But it’s important to consider these 5 long-term effects of drugs on your body.

Where is a Drug Rehab South Florida?

What are Physical Long-Term Effects of Drugs?

The Heart

Drugs can damage your cardiovascular system, or your heart. Stimulant abuse can cause abnormal heart rates, heart attacks, heart failure, and high blood pressure. While injectable drugs such as heroin can cause vein collapse and bacterial infections of the blood vessels and heart valves. Seeking help for drug addiction can help prevent against developing heart disease.

The Lungs

Smoking drugs can damage the respiratory system severely. It can cause emphysema, worsen asthma, lung cancer, and chronic bronchitis. Opioids can also cause respiratory decay, which is dangerous.

The Kidneys

Using drugs can cause serious long-term kidney damage, including kidney disease, cirrhosis, and other kidney issues.

The Liver

Liver damage can occur shortly after taking heroin or prescription opioids at an increased dosage. This damage is even amplified when you take drugs with alcohol. In severe cases, you may experience liver failure.

The Gastrointestinal System

Taking drugs can also cause gastrointestinal damage. It usually leads to the decay of the stomach or intestine, which can result in chronic pain, constipation, and acid reflux.

The sooner you seek help at a drug rehab South Florida, the better your chances are at being able to treat these physical health problems and reverse (and prevent) the effects of drugs on your body.

Where to find a drug rehab south florida?

Looking for a Drug Rehab South Florida?

Getting treatment at a drug rehab Florida will help your body recover from the long-term effects of drugs. At Rock Recovery Center, we are ready to help you overcome your addiction! Contact us for inquiries!