who offers drug rehab south florida?

If you or someone you know who is struggling with addiction and is about to be a first-time parent, it’s best to encourage them to enter drug rehab in South Florida for treatment to prepare them for their upcoming breakthrough. Many alcoholics and drug addicts don’t realize that their addiction affects more than just themselves.

By choosing to put their addiction first, they’re putting their families in danger, especially their children. Children growing up in a home where addiction is normal are harmed through mental, physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse. In this article, we will discuss the physical damage caused by the abuse of children who are living with parents suffering from substance abuse or addiction.

 What Happens to Children Living in a House with Substance Abuse?

An addicted woman who continues to use drugs even when they’re pregnant can severely harm her unborn child. The child can be born with physical defects, like organ malformation, mental disorders, or growth stunting.

Many pregnant women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are also afraid to seek prenatal care because of the stigma attached to them, which robs their unborn child of the care and nutrition they need to make sure they develop correctly inside the womb.

Parents who are under the influence cannot also care for their children. This means not being able to provide for their physical needs like food and clothes, and not being able to bring them to the doctor when they are sick because money is being used to buy drugs instead. Because of this, children tend to develop anxiety-based illnesses.

When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, parents can lose their sense of morality, which blurs the line of what is appropriate and what is not. So, parents tend to lash out on their children and cause physical, verbal, or sexual abuse.

Because of this, children may feel unloved and unimportant. These negative sentiments, abuse, and trauma will be with them as they grow, which can result in depression and then turn into physical actions like self-harm and even addiction. Save an innocent life today. Seek help from drug rehab in South Florida.

Seek Help From a Drug Rehab in South Florida

Don’t let another innocent soul suffer from somebody else’s mistakes. Seek help today from drug rehab in South Florida. At Rock Recovery Center, we will help you overcome addiction, so you can be the best parent to your child. Contact us for inquires!