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Substance abuse is never easy to go through, especially for children who don’t have any understandings of what is going on around them. If you know someone who is struggling with substance abuse and is about to become a first-time parent or are living with children, it’s best to encourage them to seek treatment at a drug rehab in South Florida.

What many addicts don’t realize, is that their addiction can have lasting, adverse effects on their children, especially if these children experience abuse growing up. In this article, we will discuss the mental and emotional impact of abuse on children who are living with parents suffering from substance abuse or addiction.

What Happens to Children Living in a House Where Substance Abuse is Existing?

Instead of growing up feeling happy and secured, the children live in constant fear and uncertainty. They don’t know when their next meal will be or when they’re going to be abused again. Because of the chaos, unclear communication, and lack of support in their home, they’re less likely to do well in school. These children could also be struggling in school because of mental deficiencies caused by continued drug use by the mom during pregnancy.

Children growing up in a house with addicted parents are thirsty for attention, love, and affection, so they will do everything they can (good or bad) to get noticed. Due to the lack of respect, rules, and supervision in their house, these children may also have a hard time obeying authorities and following rules outside their home. Children tend to imitate their parent’s behavior. So, whenever they see their parents using drugs or drinking alcohol, they think it’s acceptable; and will likely do it in the future and also become addicts themselves.

Save an innocent life today from experiencing the horrors of abuse in their own home by encouraging that person you know to seek treatment from drug rehab in South Florida.

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