where is the best drug rehab south florida?

Because of this global pandemic, the government had to impose widespread lockdowns and social distancing measures to keep everyone safe and protect from the virus. Unfortunately, it has become more challenging for recovering addicts and people dealing with drug addiction to access support and treatment at a drug rehab in South Florida. 

Because of this, the country experienced a surge in relapses as substance abuse became a way for people to cope. But illicit drugs may increase your risk of catching the virus. Here’s how:

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How Can Drug Use Increase Your Risk of Catching the Virus?

It Can Lower Your Immune System

Illicit drug use and excessive alcohol consumption can lower your immune system function and increase your vulnerability to infections. The more you use drugs or consume alcohol, the weaker you’ll get, and the higher your chance of catching the virus and experience complications from coronavirus

It Can Make You Vulnerable to Lung Complications from Coronavirus

Snorting, smoking or inhaling cannabis, heroin, and methamphetamine can cause lung damage. It can weaken your lungs and depress your breathing, so you’re more vulnerable to lung complications from coronavirus. If you contract coronavirus and your lungs are affected, it’ll be more difficult for you to recover. 

Chronic Health Problems Can Increase Your Risk of Dying from Coronavirus

Long-term drug abuse increases your risk of developing chronic diseases, like heart disease, cancer, liver problems, and type 2 diabetes. People are who have chronic health problems are more likely to suffer and die from coronavirus. Before it’s too late, seek help now from drug rehab in South Florida. 

what is the best drug rehab south florida?

Looking for Drug Rehab in South Florida?

If using drugs has become your way of coping during this difficult time, consider seeking help from drug rehab in South Florida. Seeking help today can help lower your risk of contracting the virus and restore your health. 

At Rock Recovery Center, we continue to offer treatment programs for individuals who need it, especially during this difficult time. We’ve taken extra measures to ensure that our staff and patients are safe and healthy, so don’t hesitate to seek help!