According to Grand View Research, essential oil sales are predicted to increase by 7.5%. These natural oils have chemicals inside that provide a variety of benefits. Essential oils for alcohol detox are particularly popular within the medical world. This is because they are powerful and natural.

That said, not every essential oil works for alcohol detox. Medical professionals pick them based on the chemicals they contain. Addiction recovery centers use specific essential oils for alcohol detox and holistic treatment.

What Are Essential Oils For Alcohol Detox?

Essential oils for alcohol detox are made by extracting various parts of the plant to bottle the parts that are fragrant. In other words, they are plant extracts. The process isn’t easy and can require thousands of plants for a single vial.

Parts of the plants used to make the essential oils for alcohol detox can be:

  • Fruit
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Bark
  • Roots
  • Seeds
  • Peel

To continue, these oils are actually packed with chemicals. The chemicals within plants and their various parts tell a story. Certain chemicals within the oil may tell a predator to back off. Another could assist it with pollination. It’s not just the smell that acts as a therapy.

Further, essential oils are made through the process of steaming or cold-pressing. For instance, a wild orange essential oil will go through a process of juicing. Meanwhile, the oils are captured as the rind is pressed. There are other methods to extract nature’s powerful remedy from plants.

essential oils for alcohol detox

Essential oils as a holistic therapy may seem en vogue now. Yet, they have played an important role throughout history. The ancient tribe of Judea from thousands of years ago used frankincense for holy rituals.

While they might not have had the advanced technology to cold-press oil, they would burn it. The oils within the bark would fill the room with their smell. Early Egyptians and Grecians were said to use them, too.

How Do Essential Oils For Alcohol Detox Work?

Presently, more research on essential oils is available more now than ever. Scientific studies indicate that some essential oils may act as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Essential oils extracted from natural sources are said to mimic chemicals within the body. Alternatively, some plant chemicals might block certain chemical responses within the body.

For example, cortisol is a chemical in the body that creates the feeling of stress. Various essential oils block the production, theoretically. Therefore, symptoms of alcohol withdrawal brought about by detox are mitigated.

Some symptoms that commonly occur during alcohol detox include:

  • Indigestion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bodily aches and pains
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia

Essential oils for alcohol detox help purify the body by way of the liver. Ingesting them is the best way for instant relief. This is because it directly enters the body in this way. However, people can diffuse it or massage it into the body for additional benefits.

Basics of Essential Oils For Alcohol Detox

essential oils for alcohol detox

To begin with, each essential oil has a different purpose. A person who wants to use essential oils for alcohol detox has the option to combine oils. For example, they might want to use one to help kill toxins and another for anxiety relief.

Continuing, people can use essential oils in many ways. They can ingest it, rub it on their skin, diffuse it, and so much more. Yet, they must check the quality before they do so. For instance, essential oil for a diffuser usually isn’t the same grade as one made to eat.

Every essential oil possesses unique properties. Spas are far from the only places to use them to heal the mind and body. Addiction treatment centers have favorites to speed up alcohol detox and help with nasty withdrawal symptoms.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Alcohol Detox

Black Pepper Oil

One of the most powerful essential oils for alcohol detox is black pepper oil. Everyone is familiar with this spice, but many are unaware of how it works as an antioxidant. It helps rid the body of toxins and boosts chemicals in the brain. These chemicals cause a person to feel happy and relaxed.

In addition, it’s generally made through steam distillation. While people eat it for an antioxidant effect, it’s applied topically, too. Combine it with a bit of coconut oil. But be careful! It really heats up the skin.

Lavender Oil

History shows the soothing power of lavender. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks were known to use it in their baths as well as cuisine. Those who need to detox from an alcohol addiction can do the same.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal range from anxiety to insomnia. Lavender oil acts as a natural way to relieve anxiety and improve sleep habits. A couple of drops in food or diffused next to a bed will drastically help with either symptom.

Tangerine Oil

This citrus extract is great for cleansing the immune and respiratory systems. Add a drop or two in tea or a glass of water for a natural alcohol detox. People can bake with it, too (yum).

Aside from this, it flushes out toxins from alcohol when ingested. However, it helps with anxiety through the use of a diffuser or applied directly on the body. The smell acts as aromatherapy.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is another citrusy essential oil that flushes out toxins. It also has a pleasant, tangy smell to calm the worst of anxiety. The chemical limonene inside it detoxes the kidney and liver specifically through digestion.

The peel is cold-pressed or expressed to release the essential oils within. In addition, it helps with respiratory function and elevates the mood.

Depression is a common symptom of alcohol withdrawal and addiction. This is because alcohol is a depressant. Lemon oil helps boost those happy brain chemicals (serotonin and dopamine).

Juniper Berry Oil

The juniper berry contains an essential oil that detoxes the kidney and urinary tract. It’s consumed to purge the body of toxins that accumulate through excessive alcohol use. The chemical, sabinene, detoxes, and acts as an anti-inflammatory medium.

The spicy, cedar scent also calms the nerves. Recovering addicts can use this as a natural way to relax. This helps with anxiety and insomnia that comes from stress.

Ginger Oil

Ginger root has a key role in Eastern medicine. It’s spicy, tangy taste naturally starts the production of chemicals in the brain that elevates the mood. Also, the chemical within it, gingerol, heals the liver from the toxins from alcohol addiction.

Manufacturers will normally use steam distillation to extract ginger essential oil. Although some people diffuse it, digesting it helps with indigestion and nausea. Vomiting and nausea are common during alcohol detox, but not as much with the use of ginger oil.

Mandarin Oil

This essential oil is within the citrus family. In other words, it has limonene in it. This chemical detoxes the liver and kidney when consumed. Using essential oils derived from citrus is a powerful way to aid alcohol detox.

The liver takes serious damage from excessive alcohol use. Recovering addicts can use up to four drops in recipes and beverages. This helps the liver purify the body of toxins.

Peppermint Oil

There is a reason why peppermint is featured in so many health products. The menthol within it releases a strong, minty smell. This opens up the respiratory passage and helps with pain.

More importantly, the natural chemicals within it are perfect for alcohol detox symptoms. Headaches and indigestion are likely to occur during detox. Ingesting peppermint oil can alleviate both.

Cilantro Oil

Centuries of history show the use of cilantro as a healing medium. Cilantro essential oil is diverse, especially in the world of recipes. Recovering addicts should use up to four drops in recipes to boost multiple systems within the body.

Cilantro oil can cleanse the nervous system and the immune system. A healthy immune system wards off the ill effects of alcohol withdrawal. Apply it on the body to help cool painful areas.

Roman Chamomile Oil

Anxiety and depression are arguably the worst side effects of alcohol detox. Stress in itself adds strain on the body, which hurts all of the systems in turn. Roman chamomile oil for alcohol detox calms the body and mind.

It instantly calms anxiety and elevates the mood. Also, it has the power to soothe skin. Apply topically for this specific benefit.

Risks of Using Essential Oils For Alcohol Detox

Since essential oils are natural, people may think that there are no risks involved. On the contrary, holistic therapy can be dangerous. Essential oils are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical use. That doesn’t mean in any sense a person shouldn’t use essential oils for alcohol detox, but it does mean that they’re unregulated.

Recovering addicts who decide to use essential oils for alcohol detox must vet the source. Consuming ill-prepared essential oils can lead to hospitalization. The same goes for diffusing or applied topically.

Also, some people have allergies to certain essential oils. Some are allergic to all essential oils. A medical professional can help recovering addicts choose the right brand of essential oils and make sure their patient isn’t allergic to them.

Rock Recovery Believes In Essential Oils For Alcohol Detox

Rock Recovery Center provides addiction treatment in South Florida. We use natural and experiential therapy to cure drug and alcohol dependency. Each patient requires a personalized plan for lasting and expedited recovery.

Natural therapy is a powerful way to cure addiction without any of the ill side effects of pharmaceutical medicines. Essential oils for alcohol detox combined with other therapies are guaranteed paths to sobriety. Contact us now for a natural and effective route to sobriety.