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Nutrition and Eating Well

Recovery is not only being freed from drugs and alcohol, it is also repair our minds and bodies. Through proper detox and treatment, addicts and alcoholics can begin to repair the damage done to their minds. Our Florida alcohol recovery program offers a healthy lifestyle approach that promotes good nutrition and eating well.

During active addiction, we are destroying our bodies, not just through drinking and drugging, but also by neglecting our dietary and heath needs. Simple things like eating 3 meals a day, drinking water, and even bathing take a back seat to getting the next drink or drug.

Malnutrition is commonly seen among addicts who enter a treatment facility. Those addicted to opiates usually have deficiencies in calcium, iron, and vitamins D and B6. Alcohol damages the liver and pancreas which aid in metabolism and nutrition, so alcoholics often have imbalances of electrolytes, protein, calories and fluids.

Once the obsession to drink or use has been removed, addicts can then begin to repair the damage done over years of use and neglect. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for the body and it something that people in active addiction don’t typically do. Having money to even afford a meal is also something that may be a new experience.

Eating CORRECTLY is something that is also important in repair the body. Eating healthy helps improve your mood, your over all appearance and will give you more energy (energy that was once created by drugs and alcohol) both physically and mentally.

Some important suggestions for eating healthy in recovery are staying hydrated (drinking water), avoid sugar and carbohydrates, avoid processed foods, eat foods with protein and fiber, and read the labels of the food you are purchasing and eating. It is very easy to fall into the cycle of eating $1 menu fast food early on in recovery. Once you’re able to maintain sobriety and can learn how to grocery shop and cook healthy meals, a well rounded diet will aid in your daily recovery.

Florida Alcohol Recovery Center

If you would like more information on how good nutrition can help with alcoholism, Rock Recovery Center can answer your questions. Contact our Florida alcohol recovery center to get started on the path to a better life!