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Florida Rehabs for Addiction

Heroin and opiates are being abused by millions of Americans each day. Heroin creates a feeling of euphoria for the user (a high), but also surpasses the functions of the nervous system that control heart rate and respiration. Users run the risk of overdosing every time they get high. There are many Florida rehabs that can assist with helping addicts stop using drugs.

Once getting high is no longer fun, rehabs in Florida can help stop the cycle of addiction. Some people choose to quit heroin on their own, going ‘cold turkey”. Many do not stop because of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Heroin detox is uncomfortable but not deadly. A medically monitored detox in a rehab or detox center in Florida is recommended. Before entering into a rehab in Florida for heroin addiction, a person will enter into a detox facility.

Florida Rehabs with Detox

A medically assisted heroin detox will involve the use of opiate subsection medications. The most commonly used medications are suboxone and subtex. These drugs interact with the opiate receptors the same way that heroin does, but are less harmful. These medications will help use the cravings to use heroin and delay the physical withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone and subtext have the potential to become addictive and abused, so they are only used to taper down until the heroin has left the system and withdrawal symptoms are at a minimum.

Each person’s detox is different, but most heroin detoxes last between 5-7 days. Extreme cases can last up to 10 days. Withdrawal symptoms start to appear 6-12 hours after the last dose. Some withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, muscle pain, chills, inability to sleep, sweating, nausea, runny nose and high blood pressure. These symptoms are uncomfortable but they are not deadly.

After a medically assisted detox is completed, a higher level of care is recommended. Florida rehabs are available to help a heroin addict overcome their battle with addiction.

Florida Rehabs for Addiction Are Here to Help