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If you ask 100 alcoholics why they decided to get sober, you are guaranteed get 100 different answers. When we decide to get sober, we make the commitment to change our lives for the better. The alternative for many of us suffering from alcoholism and addiction is not very appealing. Treatment centers, jails, being unemployable, homelessness, no friends, no family, and ultimately death are options.

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The first step to get sober

Getting sober is not an easy decision, many of us don’t think that it is possible or even needed. Unmanageability and a twisted perception of life are staples of the alcoholic life. What started as “just one drink”, can eventually lead to a lifetime of misery and despair.

That first drink sets in motion a rollercoaster that only ends once we make the decision to get sober, or it ends with death. We can blame the job, the parents, the significant others, our lack of will power at the moment, but ultimately we cannot control our drinking on our own.

“Rock bottom” is unique to each person, but we don’t have to hit bottom in order to get sober. For those of us who are alcoholic, we don’t realize we are in over our heads until it way over our heads. There can be periods of controlled drinking, or abstinence, that can fool us into thinking, “things aren’t so bad” or “this was only a phase”.

Drugs and alcohol are masters of manipulating our minds and our own thinking. It eventually becomes the driving force in our lives, controlling the mental, physical and emotional aspects of our lives. Deciding to get sober can change all of that.

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What to do once you decide to get sober

Once the decision to get sober is made, a detox and treatment stay can help set you on the right path. The physical dependency of drugs and alcohol can be medically detoxed from your system with the help of medical professionals. A stay in treatment can help clear the mental and emotional fog that clouds our lives.

Substance abuse professionals will help get to the root of the problem. Once we take the steps to get sober, we realize that drugs and alcohol aren’t the problem. We are the problem. The broken homes, debt, legal issues, and the guilt and shame can all be resolved over time through rigorous work on ourselves.

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Deciding to get sober can be difficult for some, and easy for others. Whatever the case may be, the commitment to put down the drink and the drugs, and to better ourselves is an ongoing process. It is a decision that may be propelled by outside factors, like family and legal issues, but the ultimate goal is to live a productive life. Drugs and alcohol and consume and ruin lives. There is a way out, help is possible, and it starts when you decide to get sober.

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