Many Americans are now suffering with heroin addiction, or some form of opioid dependence. As addicts dive deeper into illicit drug use, many will start experimenting with mixing other drugs together. One combination that is rising in popularity is the speedball, and many who may need heroin addiction help could be at risk with this particular method of consuming drugs.

What is a Speedball?

The term “speed balling” refers to mixing heroin and cocaine to use together. It traditionally refers to injecting both drugs at once, but it can also refer to snorting them together. Other combinations of drugs can be referred to as a speed ball, but the classic combination is still considered cocaine and heroin.

The immediate effects of speed balling consist of an extremely intense high, followed by a strong craving for more. Cocaine is a stimulant, while heroin is a depressant. When mixing the two drugs, users experiences the intense rush of cocaine, followed by the relaxing effects of heroin.

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What are the effects of mixing heroin and cocaine?

Because of cocaine’s short-lived high, adding heroin helps with the inevitable “come down” or “crash”. Due to the sedating qualities of heroin, adding cocaine gives the user more energy and allows them to enjoy the high without the effect of nodding off.

The effects of speed balling consist of an overwhelming and pleasurable high. Users will typically inject or snort this combination of heroin and cocaine several times in one night if they have the access and ability to. Both heroin and cocaine are associated with overdose, so there are a few reasons for the dangers of speed balling and why individuals should seek heroin addiction help if they consume these two drugs in this fashion.

Because of the mixture of the two drugs, the user doesn’t feel the extreme effects of heroin or cocaine. This means they will not be able to tell if they’re approaching lethal levels of either heroin or cocaine.

How does this combination affect the body?

Heroin and cocaine have opposite effects on the body. When they are combined, the rapid change between energetic and sedated is extremely detrimental to the organs.

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By combining these drugs, it is more dangerous than using them separately and it puts users at an increased risk of contracting HIV and HCV and Hepatitis. If the user is typically injecting the drugs, it puts them at risk for contracting HIV, HCV, or Hepatitis already. However, due to the repeated injecting of cocaine they may be more prone to share needles with other users.

Seeking heroin addiction help

Overcoming addiction is not a simple task, and many individuals in need of heroin addiction help may not know where to begin. If you have questions about treatment, or addiction in general, please give us a call to speak with an experienced addiction specialist.