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When you’re struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, it strips you of many aspects of a great life. Those who suffer from the disease of addiction often have turmoil in their relationships with friends, family, coworkers as well as themselves.

At Rock Recovery Center, we offer leading-edge inpatient (residential) drug rehab and addiction treatment, and we take an approach that’s focused on healing your mind, body and soul. Our inpatient (residential) drug rehab does much more than teach you how to not use drugs or alcohol.

The Adventure Program: Having Fun While in an Inpatient (Residential) Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

At Rock Recovery, we like to show our clients that it’s possible to have fun while you’re at an inpatient (residential) drug rehab center. We’re located in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL and we encourage our clients to be outdoors in our Adventure Program so that they can enjoy a variety of different activities while learning how to live a life free from drugs and alcohol.

The CrossFit First Step Community: Integrated and Supportive Health Care

Rock Recovery Center provides a dedicated staff trained to help you achieve your goals all while implementing essential recovery principles. Taking charge of your physical health is fundamental to recovery. That’s why Rock Recovery Center has elected to become a CrossFit National Affiliate and started its own gym called CrossFit First Step.

The CrossFit First Step Program uses the proven model of CrossFit:

  1. Welcomes all levels of physical ability - Certified recovery trainers customize a training plan for you.
  2. Utilizes community support - You are placed in a group that is encouraging and supportive of your progress.

Health and Nutrition: Solutions Found in Food

Research continues to show the importance of food and overall brain and body function. Processed foods and sugars continue to be linked to mood disorders, overall neurological functioning and various other diseases or disorders. For the brain and body to recovery optimally, we provide healthy catered meals and a staff dietician that meets with you weekly to personally customize a healthy nutrition plan.

Recovery Can Be FUN

Our treatment model uses several research-proven methods that take advantage of all of what beautiful South Florida has to offer. We are not your average classroom-based treatment experience. Our clients leave our program with an unbreakable knowledge on recovery that lasts!

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