Addiction Treatment is Often Covered by Insurance

Many people wanting to overcome addiction in rehab wonder if their private health insurance will support their journey to recovery, in all or in part. More often than not, insurance is one of the biggest considerations for getting help for substance abuse. If you have healthcare coverage through private insurance, there is a good chance the cost of your treatment will be covered.

Insurances Accepted at Rock Recovery

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Is Drug Rehab Usually Covered By Insurance?

The answer is yes. The Affordable Care Act requires providers to offer coverage for addiction treatment. Like many things covered by insurance, addiction treatment may come with limitations or other things to consider where your policy is concerned.

The best course of action for many people seeking treatment is to reach out to a preferred treatment center. Your benefits can be verified to determine the extent of your coverage.

Recent Changes Affect Insurance Coverage for Rehab

In the recent past, insurance companies refused to support the rehabilitation of patients wanting recovery from drugs or alcohol dependence. But the Affordable Care Act of 2010 changed this, helped by action by the American Medical Association, which legitimized addiction as a recognized disease rather than a personal choice.

Since the AMA recognizes addiction as a healthcare issue, insurance companies often provide for treatment of the disease when “medical need” is established. Under the Affordable Care Act’s provisions toward “quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans,” rehab is now included as a medically necessary treatment method for patients suffering from addiction.

Insurance companies now understand that it’s more cost-effective to treat addiction in the short-term than to suffer ongoing costs that substance abuse creates. Such ongoing expenses are often seen through emergency medical care visits, substance abuse-related communicable diseases and even family stress stemming from addiction. For the entire family’s wellness, most insurance carriers would rather treat addiction through rehab than risk having to treat a series of viral infections, overdoses, hepatitis, heart problems and other ailments common to people who abuse substances and their families.

Alcohol Rehab Covered Under Health Insurance

Your insurance plan may allow you to pursue treatment at many different types of treatment centers. Many people are able to seek services at centers that offer intensive outpatient programs or outpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient programs are recommended for individuals who don’t need supervised medical detox, though both types of treatment often combine evidence-based treatment techniques with regularly scheduled visits.

Many providers of healthcare policies often favor treatment of patients through partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or outpatient programs for addiction rehabilitation. Why? The reasons are entirely financial. PHP, IOP, and outpatient programs provide effective methods of overcoming addiction at the lowest possible cost.

Intensive outpatient programs are very similar to residential or inpatient treatment programs in their comprehensive level of rehab treatment. But IOP care doesn’t require hospitalization or residential housing like more expensive programs. Whenever costs are reduced through elimination of services that may not be medically necessary, insurance companies are more likely to provide coverage for patients.

Rock Recovery Center Will Verify Your Insurance

The best method for finding out what level of care your health insurance covers is to call Rock Recovery Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Rock Recovery Center specialists can verify your insurance for you and advise what is covered, as well as which features of rehab programs you may need to cover yourself. This insight can prove invaluable in your search for the right treatment center for your recovery needs.

Rock Recovery Center provides PHP, IOP, and OP addiction recovery programs developed on a foundation of personal fitness and good nutrition. These programs encourage good health and wellness as the best means of sustaining a life in recovery. Patients of Rock Recovery Center are treated using the most widely-approved, evidence-based therapies within a program of adventure, sports and activity-based rehabilitation.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Insurance Coverage for Drug Treatment

While it can be difficult to navigate an insurance company’s website, determining whether or not your provider covers drug rehab is an important step to take when you have insurance and want sufficient treatment options. A useful tactic to employ may be to begin speaking with the treatment center you wish to attend, as the staff at many centers are able to determine for you whether or not your insurance coverage will extend to their services.

Reaching out for help can be one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to seeking services for drug treatment, but the best time to do so is immediately. By calling Rock Recovery Center, you can let us help you take the first step into a brighter future free of addiction. Give us a call today to learn more about our extensive programs.