keys to long term recovery

Drug addiction leads to many negative changes in a person’s life. To turn these changes around, long-term rehab is needed to help guide you to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Rehab may be an inpatient, outpatient or intensive outpatient program and should offer an opportunity to explore ways to maintain sobriety and long-term recovery participating in needed therapies.

Key Components of Long-Term Recovery

Initial failure is fairly common for people in recovery. There are hurdles in life that guests must overcome in order to achieve the life balance they so desperately want with freedom from drugs or alcohol. Some people require multiple attempts to gain long-term recovery, while others are able to achieve this goal in just one try.

There are a number of key components that are often part of long-term recovery, including:

Quality rehab treatment

In rehab, you’re able to learn coping skills to prevent relapse, recognize and deal with underlying issues that led to addiction and return yourself to a more fit, healthier lifestyle. But beyond the comprehensive rehab needed for enduring sobriety, you also need other kinds of support, including healthy socialization. In fact, this may be the first environment where you are able to form lasting, positive, sober relationships, enabling you to learn the value of healthy socialization in recovery.

A solid network of support

Whether your best supporters are family or friends, it’s important that you have those people actively engaged in your life and vice versa. A support system can help you through rough times in sobriety while also celebrating the good times. One of the best aspects of being sober is having fuller, richer relationships.

Physical fitness and good health

When in the grasp of addiction, your health deteriorates. Luckily, the body is resilient. You can bounce back to good health and physical fitness through a rehab center that is supportive of fitness goals and good nutrition. Long-term recovery relies upon keeping your mind, body and spirit whole and healthy.

Healthy relationships

In addition to having a strong support system of loved ones, it’s vital to your long lasting recovery that you keep relationships in good health. Recovery can be threatened and even broken by the stress of a toxic or flailing relationship. If your relationships show signs of difficulty, find a way to repair the problems in order to ensure they don’t lead you away from a healthy recovery.

Starting Long-Term Recovery at Rock Recovery Center in West Palm Beach

At Rock Recovery Center in West Palm Beach, long-term sobriety is always the primary focus. Enduring recovery is gained through evidence-based therapies, supportive and positive peer interactions, fitness, good nutrition and personal growth.

If you or someone you love is ready for recovery that endures, call 888-322-7389 for more information about Rock Recovery Center’s programs. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to gain lasting recovery.