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Some of the first signs of a crystal meth addiction are behavioral and physical changes, which are usually easy to notice. You can usually tell that something is wrong just by observing the person’s behavior. Our meth rehab in Florida can help individuals overcome addiction to methamphetamine.

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Common Signs of Crystal Meth Use

  • Bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, constant sniffing, itching and injection (track) marks.
  • Constant visits at random times of the day or night for short bursts of time (and may mean that there is a buy/sell occurring), as well leaving the house or work place at irregular times.
  • Change in sleeping patterns especially staying awake until the early hours of the morning, unable to wake up early, sleeping during the middle of the day or not sleeping much at all.
  • Skin picking. Methamphetamine addicts are known to obsessively pick at their skin. The marks left by this picking may look similar to an extreme case of acne, often leaving open sores on the face mood swings.
  • Drug paraphernalia (pipes, needles)
  • Tooth decay: Another common sign is tooth loss or tooth decay, referred to as meth mouth.
  • Hair loss. Due to the lack of nutrients in an addict’s body as well as the dangerous chemicals they ingest, hair breakage frequently occurs as well.
  • Becoming secretive and withdrawn from loved ones.
  • Decreased school or work performance due to crystal meth use.
  • Withdrawal symptoms (nausea, dry mouth, sweating, depression, anxiety, shaking, etc.) whenever meth is not around.
  • Legal trouble due to possession or use of crystal meth, or performing other illegal activities to be able to purchase meth.
  • Loss of interest in social life and activities, hobbies, and once enjoyable activities.
  • Spending a great deal of time hungover and recovering from the effects of crystal meth use.
  • Financial unmanageability, being unable to explain where money (or other possessions) go missing.

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Our Meth Rehab in Florida Can Help With Addiction

We have helped countless individuals overcome addiction to methamphetamine. Contact Rock Recovery Center today if you or a loved needs assistance in treating their addiction.

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