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Many factors contribute to a person’s addiction, including their environment. The place they live in, the people they grew up with, the community they’re involved in, and their workplace or school influence their likelihood of going through substance abuse. That is why it’s important to build a safe and drug-free environment for recovering addicts. Those seeking treatment at a drug rehab South Florida center can successfully overcome addiction and avoid relapse.

In our last article, we tackled the family and community environment. Here we’ll talk about your social groups and workplace or school environment that may also impact your addiction.

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What’s the Role of My Environment in Addiction?

Social Environment

A social environment means your social group or the people you mostly spend your time with, aside from your family. According to several studies, when you’re surrounded by peers or friends who abuse alcohol or drugs, you’re also likely to develop substance abuse problems.

But your peers can also be instrumental to your recovery. They can encourage you to enter a drug rehab South Florida to seek treatment, provide you the support you need, give you advice, and be a shoulder to lean on during difficult times.

Workplace or School Environment

The workplace or school environment refers to the circumstances and the people you work with. A person’s behavior or attitude at work or school tend to be different from what it would be at home or with friends. This is natural as your relationships with co-workers or fellow students are typically much less personal.

Your workplace, to some extent, can contribute to your likelihood to abuse drugs or alcohol. This could be because of stress, the influence of a workmate, the industry you work in, lack of drug tests and screening, and other factors. The same goes for schools. Peer pressure can push you to do drugs or abuse alcohol.

Need a Drug Rehab South Florida?

Looking for a Drug Rehab South Florida?

Make sure to seek help at a drug rehab South Florida to successfully overcome your addiction and surround yourself with sober and supportive peers who will help you avoid relapse. At Rock Recovery Center, we will help you overcome addiction permanently! Contact us for inquires!