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Outpatient Program – OP

Securing Recovery with Rock Recovery Center’s Outpatient Program

Rock Recovery Center’s Outpatient Program is designed to help clients maintain their recovery. In general, clients engaged at this level of addiction treatment have managed to gain 90 days of sobriety or 3 months clean and sober. That means for three months the client has not taken a mind-altering substance into his or her body. It means that the client has begun to see the world anew, with a fresh look unfettered by the haze of substances.

At this level of treatment, the client is prepared to return to daily life and implement the tools they have learned thus far at drug rehab south Florida. However, the client will still be confronted with challenges that can be baffling. To address these challenges, RRC’s OP provides 6-9 hours of clinical treatment weekly, and a client may attend more therapy sessions if needed. The client continues to meet with his or her therapist weekly.

Stepping back into the world can be scary and confusing depending on the length of the addiction, how long the client has been dysfunctional, and the complications surrounding the addiction. To soften the trauma, RRC also offers sober living options in structured and monitored environments that promote recovery). Because the client is to be wholly integrated into daily life it is important to be held accountable, and so drug and alcohol rehab Florida screenings take place weekly.

Life skills training can be crucial in feeling prepared to face the challenges of daily life. To that end, RRC continues to provide skills classes that include resume building, interview techniques, job search opportunities, budgeting and more. Knowing how to manage the small things can seem overwhelming for the client facing the world without drugs and alcohol. OP offers clients the additional support needed to manage feelings, obstacles, and successes without turning to drugs and alcohol.

Because RRC is committed to improving both the mind and body, we have also decided to include a physical fitness program to compliment regular meetings and therapy sessions. We believe that this combination of physical and mental attention will bring about the best in our clients and get their bodies in shape to better facilitate the healing and recovery process. Exercise can be a fantastic outlet for stress, and we think you will enjoy our creative outdoor activities.

During OP, clients also continue to explore their behaviors, attitudes, and choices to continue building personal strengths, acknowledge what is good about themselves, and to appreciate and support others using drug treatment centers in Florida.

Research has demonstrated that the longer a client stays connected to a therapeutic environment, the better his or her chances are of maintaining long-term sobriety. With that in mind, south Florida drug rehab generally supports attendance at 12-Step meetings as another tool to build a support group with people who understand the chaos surrounding addiction.

Rock Recovery Center is dedicated to helping clients get sober and stay sober. Our Outpatient Program is designed so that clients have options for re-entering the world of daily living by providing the supports needed for success.

Call one of our representatives today and learn more about our programs if you or a loved one is ready to strengthen your foundation of recovery and build additional insights and life skills.

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