painkiller addiction

One of the great misnomers about pain pill addiction is that it’s always brought about by actions that many people would consider intentional or abusive. If fact, many people fall prey to pain pill addiction quite by accident. Usually, it occurs when patients are combating severe pain issues and feel compelled to keep slightly increasing either the dosage or the frequency with which they take their prescribed pain medication.

The Causes of Accidental Pain Pill Addictionpainkiller addiction

What most pain sufferers don’t know is that addiction to opiates, a common ingredient found in pain medication, occurs much quicker than addiction to other drugs. Depending on a number of factors, individuals can become addicted to pain pills in as little two weeks. While many patients will blindly keep taking their pain medication for as long as the pain exists, they do so without understanding the risks. In other cases, doctors could be to blame for being too willing to continue writing prescriptions.

The Signs of Pain Pill Addiction

The best way for patients to keep themselves from acquiring a pain pill addiction is by being able to recognize the signs of addiction, including:

  • The need to increase the dosage or frequency of use due to a buildup of tolerance.
  • The sudden onslaught of moodiness or mood swings.
  • Becoming consumed with the need keep finding new ways to get prescriptions.
  • Losing time from work or not fulfilling responsibilities on a regular basis.
  • Experiencing issues related to over-sensitivity to things like light and sound.
  • Becoming defensive about the need to keep taking pain killers.

Treatment for Pain Pill Addiction

Rock Recovery is a representative drug and alcohol rehab center in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. We focus on outpatient (OP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment of patients who become addicted to opiates. In cases where detox is warranted, we make recommendations in order to assure that our patients are physically and mentally prepared to handle the treatment process. When ready, patients are given the counseling and therapy needed to create a lasting recovery from addiction.

If you have a pain pill addiction, it’s time to act and overcome it.  Addiction is a serious issue that demands a serious solution. Call Rock Recovery Center now at 561-223-2986 to learn more about our recovery programs.