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Palm Beach Rehab for Alcohol

Alcohol abuse affect more than 17 million Americans and alcohol can easily destroy your life. Our Palm Beach rehab offers a special program specifically for those struggling with alcoholism or alcohol dependence.

Alcohol abuse can increase the risk of experiencing alcohol poisoning.  The Center for Disease Control (C.D.C) states that there are 2,200 deaths due to alcohol poisoning each year. Alcohol poisoning is what happens when a person consumes too much alcohol which over takes the bloodstream and affects the brain. It can affect the areas that control heart rate, breathing and body temperature. Signs of alcohol poisoning are confusion, vomiting, seizures, blue tinted skin, paleness, lowered body temperature, and more than 10 seconds in between taking breaths.

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Alcohol poisoning is extremely dangers and can lead to death. Getting help for alcohol abuse is possible at our Palm Beach rehab center. Alcohol poisoning can lead to seizures, brain damage, dehydration, and ultimately your death. Vomiting can also lead to death. The gag reflex can lose sensitivity and individuals can choke on their own vomit and die. Nearly 50,000 people suffer from alcohol poisoning each year. People who regularly abuse alcohol can continue to experience alcohol poisoning if they do not get long term help. Immediate help for someone experiencing alcohol poisoning would be to call 911.

Do not attempt to help someone who has alcohol poisoning with “home remedies”, such as putting them in a cold shower, feeding them, giving them coffee or more alcohol. All of these can lead to increasing the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning does not necessarily mean that someone is suffering from alcohol abuse. Those who do should seek help.

Our Palm Beach Rehab Can Help

Once someone receives immediate medical attention for alcohol poisoning, a medical detox is needed for alcohol abuse. Alcohol detox requires a definite medical supervision. Our Palm Beach rehab for alcohol can assist in ending the struggle with alcohol abuse.