Where can I find a palm beach rehabilitation center?

Drugs are chemicals. Whether they are obtained legally via a prescription from a doctor, or on the street, by definition a drug is a chemical that is made to affect the body in some way. Some drugs can even change a person’s body and brain in ways that last long after the person has stopped taking drugs, maybe even permanently. Here are some of the ways that drug addiction affects your body from your Palm Beach rehabilitation center.

Injury, Health Problems, or Death

More deaths, illnesses, and disabilities stem from substance abuse than from any other preventable health condition. One in four deaths is attributable to illicit drug use. Drugs can also severely weaken the immune system.

Effects on the Brain

Drugs have been shown to alter brain chemistry. While the taking of the drug might be voluntary at first, the change in brain chemistry to lead to the body becoming dependent on the substance. This change is brain chemistry interferes with an individual’s ability to make decisions

How can I find a palm beach rehabilitation center?

Birth Defects

Specifically for women, drugs have an adverse effect on unborn children. Nearly 4% of pregnant women in the United States use illicit drugs. Some of these drugs can cause a baby to be born too small or too soon, or to have withdrawal symptoms, birth defects or learning and behavioral problems.

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